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9 Bengal Tigers Coming to Costa Rica’s Ponderosa Adventure Park

Costa Rica News – Ponderosa Adventure Park is preparing 30,000 square meters for 9 Bengal Tigers.

The company made the announcement on Tuesday after the Government ensured just a week earlier that exotic species would not enter the country for exhibition.

This case is not necessarily for exhibition or profit. It’s to give the animals a more adequate environment.

They were living in cages as part of a Mexican Zoo in Diriamba, Nicaragua.

Permission of export of the Tigers in Nicaragua was already started. Then will come the import to Costa Rica process, hopefully in six weeks or less. Then the Animal Health Services (Senasa) will asses each Tiger’s health.

The park has over 200 species on display in accordance with the requirements of the national system of Conservation Areas (Sinac) and the Ministry of environment and energy (Minae).

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