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4th of July Ghost Hunting in California

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Today, we did not go to San Francisco to investigate, we came to party! When you go to San Francisco, make sure to wear a flower in your hair and be prepared to investigate. There are over 100 locations in San Francisco to investigate. Here are just a few:

Russian Hill
Manrow’s House, located at the corner of Larkin and Chestnut streets has the nickname “the House of the Demons”. Resembling a Swiss Cottage, it was built in 1851 by J.P. Marrow, a successful civil engineer. This home has a reputation of having poltergeist activity. The Manrow House Goblin was seen inside this home. The goblin was small and had a hunchback. MONSTER IDENTIFIED: THE MANROW HOUSE GOBLIN.

Neptune Society ColumbariumSan Francisco Art Institute
Built on the site of a cemetery, is said to be haunted, as is Trinity Episcopal Church. A ghostly gray figure is said to disappear through the bathroom wall and numerous unexplained sounds and cold spots have been reported in the church. The gray figure is known as the San Francisco Art Institute Gray Ghost. GHOST IDENTIFIED: S.A.I. GRAY GHOST.

Neptune Society Columbarium
The Neptune Society Columbarium, at One Loraine Court, was originally part of the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Room 410 at the Queen Anne Hotel is said to be haunted by the namesake of the Miss Mary Lake’s School for Girls. Janice Whitehead in 1975 claims that she saw two females in blue dresses. The two females looked the same, she guessed that they were twins. An unidentified source in 1982 saw the same twins. The twins are now known as the The Blue Dress Twins. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE BLUE DRESS TWINS.

San Francisco Peninsula
Presidio Officers’ Club, previously part of the Army’s garrison, is currently used by the National Park Service as a Visitor Centre and is reportedly haunted. Visions of ghosts of Army men in old uniforms knocking loudly at the empty rooms are reported. This most likely is residual energy that is played out over and over. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: ARMY SPECTRE SQUADRON

Union Square
At the Curran Theater, an attendant at the ticket booth was murdered in 1922. It is reported that his ghost is seen in the mirror that hangs in the lobby. Room 207 at the Hotel Union Square is said to be haunted. GHOST IDENTIFIED: CURRAN THEATER MIRROR GHOST.

Every door in Cameron House contains a red and gold charm to seal in the spirits of the immigrants hidden in the basement who perished when the original building was burned down. It is said to be haunted by their spirits. A bald headed man in a Chinese robe is sometimes seen. In his right hand, he sometimes hold the Ace of Spades card. GHOST IDENTIFIED: ACE OF SPADES PHANTOM.

Okay, let’s get back to the 4th of July party!

There is a new attraction in San Francisco called the Dungeons. Themed entertainment company Merlin Entertainments Group has announced they’re bringing their popular Dungeons experience from London to North America.

What are Dungeons? Merlins calls them the “ultimate live action journey through the world’s murky past,” a combination of live action shows and rides with a bit of spookiness, comedy, and education.

The new attraction is located in San Francisco’s historic Fisherman’s, highlighting 200 years of the city’s history with tales from the early missions of San Francisco, through the Gold Rush and to the beginning of Alcatraz. It’ll be a 1-hour experience, taking visitors on a walking tour of nine actor-led shows, with stories told via 360-degree theatrical sets, special effects and even an underground boat ride. Topics include Shanghai Kelly, Miss Piggott’s Saloon, Gangs of San Francisco and Alcatraz. Special Note: Since I am in Ripley’s Believe it or Not for disco dancing 205 hours, I once had a VIP pass for Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. I have lost that VIP pass….sigh.

There is plenty of scary attractions in San Francisco. But, what makes things even more exciting for a paranormal investigator are the true areas of

Golden Gate as seen from an overlook on Conzelman Rd in Marin County.

Golden Gate as seen from an overlook on Conzelman Rd in Marin County.

San Francisco that are haunted. Here is another listing of haunted places in and around San Francisco.


Located in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary are rumored to be haunted. The Huffington Post included it in a Halloween article list of “spooky places”.

Golden Gate Bridge
Over 1000 people have committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, resulting in claims of it being haunted.

Angel Island
Angel Island, and also at the “Ellis Island” in San Francisco Bay is connected to tales of ghosts. Also near Angel Island is a story of a Mer-Cat that was once seen there. Upon a rock, Leslie Calwell spotted a mermaid type of creature sunning itself on a rock. With closer expection, she saw that the creature had the body and legs of a fish, with fin and scales and the head of a cat. When this creature saw Leslie, it jumped back in the ocean. This happened in 1962.

Now back to the 4th of July Party!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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