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4 Affordable, Off the Beaten Path Hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home for its famous lush rainforests, top-notch resorts and the very friendly locals. Costa Rican accommodation is of great value and offer great budget travel options. Below are five affordable yet luxurious hotels.

• Hotel Las Tortugas

This hotel is located in the North Pacific Coast in the spectacular Playa Grande in Costa Rica. Playa Grande has been long a world famous nesting beach for Leatherback turtle. The area around is full of sunshine, excellent warm ocean breezes and a lot of privacy. Guest of the hotel revels in the luxury of staying in the only beach hotel around this area

The hotel lies next to the glorious and grand beach where the golden sand can be found just at your doorstep. Just to mention a few, Hotel Las Tortugas offers various services including hot Jacuzzi under the stars, swimming pool, day or night, canoes and a jungle boat as well Rooms are offered at $39 per night.

• Hotel El Mono FelizHotel El Mono Feliz costa rica

The name translates to “The Happy Monkey” in Spanish. It is located just next to the village of Ojochal in the south pacific region of Costa Rica. It offers guests an authentic glimpse that is the Costa Rican life. The services are basic and the locals are very friendly as usual. There is an easy access to clean and clear stretch of the beach despite being a bit off the coast. It’s laid back setting offers an excellent and vibrant outdoor area.

The garden outside is expansive, and is filled with beautiful trees and flowers. The accommodation available is for both rooms and cabanas. The wooden hotel rooms offer a cozy atmosphere, private water bathroom, swimming pool and excellent services. Rooms are offered at $40 per night.

• Rio Tico Safari Lodge

It is located along the Southern Pacific coast close to the town that is Vergel De Punta Mala. It is a less crowded area than other parts of the country and offers ample amount of beauty and charm. The beaches around are quiet, beautiful and expansive. Various activities that can be carried out are Horse riding along the mountains, beaches and the spectacular Nauyaca Waterfalls. The hotel is found just 3.5 miles away from the beach. It is surrounded by a crystal clear river that form small waterfalls. Also found are trees and exotic flowers that attract various wildlife and birds that can be seen from the hotel. The tents are modeled to resemble African Safaris. The rooms are wonderful and very comfortable. Rooms are offered at $62 per night.

• Las Colinas Arenal Hotel

The hotel can be found near the La Fortuna central park. The hotel offers high quality services to its guest. The rooms, although not spacious are cozy enough and very clean. The interior design is Costa Rican style decor. The staff is very friendly and offer excellent services as well the top deck terrace offers excellent views of the brilliant and beautiful green hills and the Arenal Volcano. There is an easy walk on the front steps of the Las Colinas that one can explore the quaint town of the La Fortuna. Rooms are offered at $58 per night.

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