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30 Tourists Have Rafting Accident on Costa Rica’s Pacuare River

Costa Rica News – The Communication Central of the Red Cross confirmed that at least 30 tourists and guides, including 27 foreigners, several of them being children between the ages of 11 and 14 years of age, have had a rafting accident on the Pacuare River.

pacuare river rafting costa rica 1The Red Cross was alerted by a cell phone call on Thursday night that stated the group had met up at about 3 pm on a farm in Turrialba with food and equipment, getting ready to go on a rafting trip in the area of Siquirres in the Pacuare River.

While going down the river, the group was met up with an unforeseen rush of water that capsized the rafts.

The caller said that they were in the mountains and that it was raining very hard, they added that no one was seriously injured, just minor scrapes and bruises.

The neighboring Red Cross and fire department are planning to coordinate a search operation to find and rescue the victims of this minor rafting accident.

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