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2014 Costa Rica Luxury Home Tax is Due

Costa Rica Real Estate News – The yearly taxes on “luxury” residences, referred to as Solidarity Tax, has to be paid by Wednesday, January 15th in order to prevent fees and interest.

luxury home costa rica taxThis current year, the tax is applicable to residences having a building and construction value of more than  ¢121 million (~$242,000) for tax purposes.  The previous year’s limit had been ¢117 million.

In computing the building and construction values, all the construction, fit and finish, in addition to electric and plumbing components are included.  If the construction value surpasses ¢121 million, the house is regarded as being a ‘luxury home.’  After the construction cost is computed, the value of the property is incorporated, and the taxes are ultimately determined at a rate of 0.25% to 0.55% of the entire approximated worth, based upon a sliding scale.

The Solidarity Tax was started in October of 2009. The Costa Rican government uses the tax revenue in order to build housing for those in severe impoverishment. At least that is what they say they use it for.

The sole option to register and pay the taxes is with Form D-179. This document is readily available digitally on the Hacienda web site and may also be submitted as well as paid electronically, or printed and brought with payment to sanctioned collection agencies.  The luxury home tax has to be remunerated by the 15th of this calendar month to prevent penalties, such as a 1% monthly fee on the delinquent taxes owed plus interest.

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