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20 Strangers Share a First Kiss in Viral Advertisement (Video)

World News – Most of us have experienced this: That moment hen you have your first kiss. It’s uncomfortable, thrilling as well as nerve-racking all at the very same moment. But what if that first kiss was with a complete stranger?

first-kiss-tatia-pilieva-5“First Kiss,” a online video going viral on Tuesday, conveys exactly that, as filmmaker Tatia Pilieva hired twenty complete strangers to kiss each other for the first time while the cameras were rolling on them.

The online video, which was posted on Monday, had more than 5 million views by Tuesday afternoon. In a twitter update on Tuesday, the clothing brand Wren disclosed it actually was an advertisement for the business’s fall 2014 collection.

Watchers regarded it as both enchanting as well as a little bit uneasy

Now that it’s been revealed as an advertisement, most are a little more suspicious over the apparently honest moments. However its a blend of awkward as well as angelic and it has made it viral gold for the clothing business, and it continues its viral spread over the Internet.

What do you think? Awkward moment or sweet?

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