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Will Costa Rica’s New International Airport in Orotina Bring Another Real Estate Boom?

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Costa Rica is no longer just a popular vacation destination but has become a great retiree destination for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and even Asians who are looking for a tropical paradise that is away from frigid winter, searing hot summer and inordinately regulated but floundering over-priced economy that is their home country.

orotina-international-airport costa rica 1Aside from its one hundred years of political stability and constant economic growth, Costa Rica is appealing to vacationers because it is bestowed with an exquisite array of biological diversity, contrasting landscapes and environmental attractions like misty cloud forests, majestic volcanoes, picturesque trails, wild and untamed rivers, pristine beaches and so much more. On the other hand, investors are lured to Costa Rica because of its efficient productivity in high-end technology, top-quality technical education, open investment and trade policies plus it has a well-educated populace.

Currently there are two major airports in Costa Rica that are catering to the needs of international travelers: the first is the Juan Santamaria Airport that is in Alajuela located in the Central Valley region in the northern part of San Jose and the second international airport is the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport which is situated about 12 kilometers west of the city of Liberia in the Guanacaste Province. In the past few years these two airports were enough to handle and manage international flights, however, due to the increasing number of medical, leisure and business travelers going to and from Costa Rica, the need for a bigger airport became apparent.

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To keep up with the surge of tourism in the country, the Costa Rican government finally decided to build a new international airport in Orotina in the province of Alajuela, on the Central Pacific lowlands, the exact spot where Route 27 from San Jose ends and the Ruta Castanera begin. It is to replace the Juan Santamaria Airport and should be operational by 2025 although reliable sources reported that it will be completed by 2018 in just three years to meet the increasing tourism and trade demand. The new airport to be built in Orotina is of major importance for economic development since it is centrally located and is connected to many roads that offer easy access to different parts of the country. With this in mind, one can already envision tourists being transported out of the new airport directly to the beaches along the Central Pacific coast upon landing.

The concept behind the constructions of the new airport is to build a Central American Mega Hub that would connect “the heart”, Costa Rica, of Latin American with other parts of the world like the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. The new airport is designed to have three runways, one passenger terminal with 40 gates that can meet current and future needs. It should be able to accommodate big airliners like Boeing 747-800, Airbus A380s, A-350s and even 787 Dreamliners. The construction of the Orotina Airport is proposed for Costa Rica to compete with Panama’s Tocumen International Airport which is currently the busiest airport in all of Central America.

Construction completion of the Orotina International Airport will exponentially increase international access to the country which would definitely give way to more infrastructure improvement and real estate development. This was proven when the Liberia Airport was constructed in 2002 wherein the Guanacaste province experienced the largest increase in infrastructure and land development, tourism rate and real estate sales. In so saying, the Orotina International Airport is expected to have a significant impact to the country’s tourism and ecnomy and fuel the already steadily growing real estate demand making it the hottest commodity in all of Central America.

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