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Vice President of Costa Rica’s La Nacion Investigated for Tax Evasion

Costa Rica News – The Fiscal Control Police are investigating two companies, owned by the vice president of La Nacion, on alleged tax evasion.

tax evasion costa rica 1This investigation led to a raid of a lawyer’s office in Escazu on Wednesday.

The Public Ministry reported that there is an apparent crime of tax fraud related to remittances abroad. The companies appear to have formed a partnership in which money was sent to another company, located in Panama.

The money sent was for capital investment and is subject to 15% tax. The companies may have avoided up to ¢4.200 million in taxes due from 2010 to 2014.

The lawyer claims that while his client is the legal representative for all three involved companies there was a discrepancy with the Ministry of Finance about some transfers made back in 2010.

He also states that the companies are showing full cooperation with the investigation, providing all required information and documents.

He remains firm that the transactions are backed by sources with legal framework.

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