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UFOs or Evidence of the Gods?

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Skeptics say that UFOs are no more than weather inversions, swamp gas, camera lens flares, etc…but, if we were to start gathering the evidence to present to the jury, let’s see what some of that evidence might be to make those skeptics think otherwise.  You be the judge………

Mount Popocatepetl mexico ufoMount Popocatepetl in Mexico

This would be a great place to gather evidence of UFO activity. UFOs are constantly seen in and around this active volcano. It is claimed that the strongest electromagnetic fields are found here, than any location on Earth. This is probably one of the main fueling sites for UFOs to energize their vehicles. We should have 24/7 cameras located all around this volcano to gather photographic evidence.

The Oz Factor

The Oz Factor was described by US Air Force personnel when they were approached by a UFO in Rendleshaim Forest during the RAF Bentwaters Incident. The Oz Effect was caused by the electromagnetic and static energy generated by the craft. The Oz Factor caused the soldiers to slow down physically and mentally in their processes. This is referred to as an ‘associative dysfunction’. Everything the soldiers felt during this phase was surreal. Immediate medical examinations of these soldiers may have produced alternate brain patterns, giving us some kind of credence that they experienced something that was unusual. More evidence for the jury to digest.

Various Types of Aliens

Interviews with abductees and witnesses throughout the world, report seeing 5 types of aliens. The Zetas, Nordics, Mantis Beings, Reptilians and Large Grays. It would be great to do interviews with people in remote locations that have been abducted, that have no access to TV and books and see if their stories coincide with descriptions of other abductees. To see if these interviewees describe the same type of aliens. It would also be exciting to see if the medical experiments coincide with other abductions. An abduction and Close Encounter Data Base would be relevant for cases such as the Tujunga Canyon Abductions from the early 50s of 2 women who were subjected to medical examinations by aliens to Travis Walton’s abduction in which he encountered small grays and Nordics to Officer Lonnie Zamora’s close encounter in April 24, 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico to the Zavodsk Square, Voronezh, Russia Incident in which a group of children witness a landed UFO in the park. A child from the group approaches the UFO and an alien points something at the child and makes him vanish. When the UFO departs, the child reappears. With a large centralized data base gathering all of the abductee and close encounter information, we would be able to pinpoint consistency or contradictions to these stories.

UFO Landing Spotsufo landing spot

All UFO landing spots need to be fully investigated, photographs taken, soil samples taken. Information should all go into a centralized data base for all UFOlogists to analyze.

Alien Implants

Implants with truthful substance should be collected for evidence and kept in one centralized location for analysis. Implants that are known to have a strong covering of living tissue composed of protein and keratin are the best candidates. These are the implants that doctors have a hard time cutting the outside membrane of the implant using a scalpel. The tissue for these implants is the same composition of human hair or fingernails. Most of these implants when in the body contain strong electromagnetic properties. Some scientists have determined that the metallic composition of an implant seems to have meteorite origins, because the isotopes of the metallic composition cannot be found on our terrestrial landscape.

Photographs and Video Footage

Again, should be kept in a centralized location for analysis. Especially photographs and video footage taken from reliable sources, such as NASA. Video footage should be analyzed for intelligent movement of craft. Photographs don’t particularly have to be UFOs, it could be of The Bridge structure seen on the Moon. Science Editor John J. O’Neill and British Astronomer Dr. H.P. Wilkins confirmed there was a bridge structure on the Moon, 12 miles long. Any photographic evidence of this structure should be collected for further analysis.

ufo or proof of godsStatements of Witnesses

In 1979, when Linda Napolitano was taken from her Brooklyn apartment in Manhattan, there were many witnesses to this event called the Brooklyn Bridge Case. All statements should have been gathered of these witnesses for future reference. All of their contact information should be collected for future interviews. If we had started early in collecting statements, we would have the 1957 statement of Antonio Villas Boas, the Brazilian farmer who later became a lawyer. He was subject to an abduction and had sex with an alien female. He later claims that he was angered by the abduction, because the aliens were looking for a good stallion to improve their stock. It would be nice to have Betty and Barney Hill’s statements of their abductions. It would be nice to have Mac Brazel’s statement on what kind of debris he saw during the 1947 Roswell fiasco, before government agents shut him up for being one of the gunmen who killed Pat Garrett. Since there is no statute of limitations to murder, Mac Brazel became quiet on what he saw in 1947. Note: Pat Garrett is the deputy that killed William Bonney aka Billy the Kid. Double Note: When I was a kid, I went to New Mexico and visited Billy the Kid’s grave. Little did I know, when I was sitting on Billy’s tombstone, that Billy would have a connection to the Roswell Incident. The irony of it all.

If UFO investigating groups would start sharing their information and setting a goal of having a centralized computer for all of their evidence, perhaps one day, we will have the evidence we need to show the jury, to show the public that UFOs do actually exist and that we are truly being visited by extraterrestrials.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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  1. Ronnie said:

    The Aliens you speak of and the UFO’s you see are all part of a much larger picture of superior races who are much older than Humanity. The UFO’s we see daily are Terrestrial short range crafts incapable of Interstellar travel. There are at least 3 sizes of larger crafts that have been seen, the largest by SOHO witch has a constant video stream of the Sun shows Earth size UFO’s around it. As many as 5 have been seen in video at one time around the Sun and even seen flying into Sun spots. The next size down are the Notch Back semi transparent or pulsing UFO’s seen in hundreds of videos from the Shuttle Missions to the Space Station. The Notch Back UFO’s range in size from 25 feet in diameter to 3 miles and seem to be used as mining ships for Positrons.
    It has been theorized that the Notch Backs are mining for fuel above high altitude thunder storms, when lighting strikes a cloud of Hydrogen it split’s the atoms releasing Positrons. CERN has been able to collect Positrons from the Large Heron Colider but to the smallest of degree. Positrons are the most powerful rocket fuel in the Universe.
    The small Triangular and Disk UFO’s seem to be only used to traverse too and from the larger UFO’s into Earths atmosphere. These UFO’s can be operated without a pilot as a Drone’s or have a Pilot and crew and are allowing Humans to video and photograph them. The Alien agenda is becoming more clear today than ever, harvesting the Sun, mining for Positrons and Human interactions are just a few?

  2. orreman said:

    The best evidence to present to a jury of UFO skeptics would be the same type of evidence that scientific conclusions are based upon; repeating patterns. That’s exactly what has happened in San Diego, California when, on 7/1/90, I accidentally photographed 10 daylight UFOs while hiking with 2 friends in the San Diego backwoods. After having the objects professionally enlarged to grain one of the objects not only exactly matched the famous “Kecksburg” acorn shaped UFO, but had the same spike-like projection protruding 2/3rds up its left side just like a handful of other UFO photos I collected including Astronaut James McDivitts.

    When I found the same pattern in countless ancient artifacts, crop circles and the Nazca Lines in Peru. the press was over over it and the historic discovery won front page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego and a CBS special. The Los Angeles Times who broke the story labeled the evidence on my non-profit website and 12min YouTube video “Unsettling”. Numerous experts have authenticated the objects as “Unidentifiable’ and claim the “Inaja UFO Photo” represents the best evidence ever produced for aliens and UFOs. I rest my case….

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