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UFO Sightings Over Grass Valley

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Address to be at: Grass Valley, CA – Rod says there is definitely a ghost in his house, on his property they find Indian grinding stones and arrowheads. So, if you get bored with the UFO hunt, you can always ghost hunt. But, here is the story on the UFOs. From his home in Grass Valley, he can oversee Beale AFB.

ufo sighting grass valley 1He believes he is seeing the secretive TR-3 Black Mantra (triangle shaped UFO). This thing can make 90 degree turns and go from point a to point b with a snap of a finger and hover. Orange globes are being seen and with flashlight communication, an orange globe came right towards him and hovered over his pond. Saucer shaped discs have also been seen doing erratic movements in the sky. He says, it just gets weirder and weirder.

Rod Engberson is a witness to strange aerial activity in Grass Valley. His home overlooks Beale AFB and the activity over the base and the surrounding area is mystifying to say the least. I will let Rod explain in his own words what he is witnessing:

It started in the year 1999 driving past Beale Air Force base I witnessed what I believe to be a TR3B. I had not seen another one until 2013. The one I saw in 1999 was black on one side and chrome on the other. It was about as wide as a football field. I saw it at about 9:30 a.m. There were three of what I believe to be recon planes were circling around this chrome object.

We were standing on a pull out on the road that overlooks Beale AFB and saw three blinking white lights come up from the base. They were all individual lights. They fly through the air towards where we are standing. They fly over head in a single file line, perfectly spaced apart from each other. They were completely silent and floated through the air effortlessly, taking turns blinking on and off. There was no hard object to be seen, just balls of energy, light. They float off towards the Sierra Mountains keeping their formation. They were about 2,000 ft off the ground.

I (Rodney) was standing on the same pull out on the side of the road that overlooks Beale AFB and it was dead silent outside. I could feel something above me so I looked up and saw nothing. But it felt weird and I still felt something was there. As I was thinking something was above me, a white light in the center of a black triangle came on above me. It was about 200ft above. It stayed there for about a minute silently. No noise or movement. As soon as I thought to myself, “oh wow, no noise” it moved away slowly making a quiet sound as if small puffs of air were being released. It disappeared as it ufo sighting grass valleyflew over a hill to the north.

Special Note: Rodney showed me photos of triangle shaped UFOs that have a red light in the middle of its underbelly and white lights at each triangle corner. The photos that I saw are the same type of photos that were taken in Belgium, during their triangle UFO flap.

My UFO Hunters witnessed what appeared to be two satellites approaching each other and as one of the satellites gets close to the other one, it powers up (gets brighter) and this was witnessed by 6 investigators. Also, a large moving object is going across the night sky and it powers up, the light is very intense. I have never in my life seen satellites power up. We are also seeing bats, regular satellites and conventional blinking light aircraft. Everyone observes a strange red globe that moves across the night sky and then changes to a solid white globe. What conventional aircraft does that? The globe was solid red, then became solid white, I am baffled. No blinking lights. Weird. If I can’t tell you what I am seeing, then it’s unidentified, it’s a UFO.

Tonight was a very interesting night, like I said, I never saw objects in the sky ‘power up’ and then ‘power down’. That is so bizarre to witness and I have no explanation for it.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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