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UFO Sightings Over Colfax, California

Ghosts & the Supernatural –  The forest in Colfax is the beginning of the Sierras, an area that has a reputation of the weird.UFOlogists suggest that UFOs are attracted to 4 things – gold and other minerals, our DNA, our water and nuclear power plants. The Sierras does not have nuclear power plants, but it is known for gold and other mineral deposits and an abundance of water.  We loaded up the Rusty Anomaly (My Kia Forte) with telescope, night vision goggles, video cameras, digital cameras, glow sticks, flashlights, binoculars. Piling in the car are Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Mooey and Mark. We are headed up to Colfax to a private residence, where the occupant sees UFOs on a nightly basis.

ufo sightings cofax california 1Point of rendezvous is the Red Frog, an establishment in Colfax. Colfax reminds me of one thing. In 1977, I was a firefighter stationed in Colfax with the California Division of Forestry, which is now called CAL-FIRE. In the wooded areas of Colfax, you get reports of UFOs, Bigfoot and other creepy creatures of the night. Maryfrances Smith – the occupant tells me how she once saw a terrified coyote run through her yard, being chased by something unknown. 

Mary Frances Smith Story:

The UFOs seem to appear frequently in the night skies above her home. On one particular night, she saw a disc shaped UFO and it shown a bright light into her home. During this evening at 8:08 pm, she feels she lost 45 minutes of time. Mary Frances says she has psychic abilities and at a young age she would have severe headaches and nosebleeds. Headaches and nosebleeds are at times an indication of abductions. Also, many abductees feel at a later time that they have psychic abilities.

Mary Frances was so frightened by her experience, that she contacted MUFON and talked with Mary Barr. On other nights she saw figures and outlines of creatures that resembled Grays. On another night, she saw 4 alien women on her balcony with long dark hair. One of the alien women cavorted up a tree. She tells us that a chunk of flesh was taken from her buttocks, she has seen faces in the windows and her bed once shook violently.

Eyes on the Sky:

On this night Carlee and Josie saw 2 UFOs through the trees, they kept moving sideways to the right, back toufo sightings cofax california 2 the left, over and over again. It was so unusual, it startled them enough, where they wanted to go back inside the home.

During this long night of conducting a UFO investigation in the night skies of Colfax, we also tried to attempt communicating with Bigfoot with wood-on-wood communication. We were unsuccessful.

UFOs were not observed with our telescope, binoculars or night vision goggles. No UFOs were captured on film. Maryfrances has video footage of strange activity in and around her home. Strange fog, strange faces, strange lights, strange orbs as she describes them. We saw the videos and on some of the videos, there were strange appearances that may be unexplainable, while other videos there may be a natural explanation.

We also learned that this home was haunted. We captured some designer orbs with intricate designs inside the orbs themselves. We captured a designer orb with a distinct face inside the orb. Special Note: Orbs are not deemed paranormal, unless we can show intelligent movement. We captured 3 EVPs, where the entity is saying ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘yes’ again. Some investigators felt vertigo, or loss of balance. I felt very dizzy and a loss of balance when I was looking into the night sky with my binoculars. On this night, we investigated the large basement of this home. There is a creek that runs alongside this home that has a homemade bridge that goes over the creek.

By Paul Dale Roberts




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