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Two New Costa Rica Airports?

Costa Rica News – Yes we have been hearing about Costa Rica building new airports for years now, but as we all know everything in Costa Rica takes a loooooooooooong time.  That being said it looks like the long wait might be close to being over.

new costa rica airport 1On Friday, officials from the Civil Aviation Administration and residents from the southern zone in Costa Rica presented environmental impact studies regarding the construction of the Brunca International Airport in the area.

The studies must now be analyzed by the National Technical Secretariat from the Ministry of Environment. Then they will have public hearings before approving the project.

The idea of building an airport in the south was proposed during President Abel Pacheco’s administration from 2002-2006. The problem with the idea is that it would involve using the land of two former banana plantations in Palmar Sur. They belong to government agencies but over 100 families live there and would have to be relocated. After nearly a decade of negotiations, the deal is still not solidified.

In 2010, the Libertarian Movement lawmaker Mireya Zamora presented a proposal for an airport in the northern zone, in San Carlos, Alajuela. Last week, the Civil Aviation Administration promoted the bill on the basis that their budget is limited because of being funded by only two international airports.

This location would boost exports of agricultural products as well as bring more tourists into the Arenal Volcano region. If the bill is approved, the government would have 10 years to launch the northern airport.


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