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The Money Laundering Rabbit Hole of Costa Rica’s 5Dimes Sportsbook Grows

Costa Rica News – The amount of people,  companies and countries involved in 5Dimes and related money laundering and illegal gambling continues to grow.

money laundering 5dimes costa ricaThe money entering Costa Rica through Latco Company from Malta and Dubai was linked to the operation of the 5Dimes sportsbook.

The millions were said to be intended to develop real estate projects, like gas stations, offices and apartments. The BCR accounts were closed in November due to doubts regarding the money’s origin.

Some of the money had been transferred to Red Planet S.A., Tobraso Total Brand Solutions, and the board of directors, managers and family members.

While Jennifer Morsink was in charge of Latco, the Bank of Costa Rica denounced the company for money laundering.

Relatives and possible owners of 5Dimes were found in Pennsylvania by the Department of Homeland Security. They were involved in another facet of the scams, gambling with Amazon cards.

Millions have been laundered from Malta, New York, Panama, and surely countless other places yet to be found out about.

A messenger deposited $9,000 in checks from various banks in Panama every week.

This looks like the beginning of the end for this sportsbook in Costa Rica.

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