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The Haunted Valentine Construction Company & Winery

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Tim Valentine, the owner boasted that the Valentine Construction Company and Winery is the most haunted place in Northern California!  Max, an investigator was scratched, people got touched, I got touched twice and you can really feel the touch, it feels human, but also has the feeling of electricity. Rebecca captures a photo of a full body apparition, a man sitting in a chair. Shari touches the walls and is taken back to the 1940s and seeing people boarding off a train and going into this building. We get crazy EVPs all over the place. We get pink orbs, blue orbs, designer orbs, and designer orb with a face of an old man, we capture shadow movement.

The Haunted Valentine Construction Company & Winery 1When I tell the entities to make their presence known, the whole freakin’ metal doors start shaking. I say it again and they shake again. The entities whisper in our ears. I believe back in the 1940s, sick people with tuberculosis were brought to this warehouse by train (the train tracks are right next to the warehouse), where many probably died. This place is also like a museum, it has a Michael Jackson scary manikin, Michael Myers Manikin, knick knacks and model figures from Spider-Man to a porcelain elephant from India.

There is so much to see, so much to explore. This place is a smorgasbord of paranormal activity. It’s the MOTHER OF ALL PARANORMAL PLACES! This place has CRAZY paranormal activity. I have been on over 700 investigations and this place will be forever memorable. The owner guaranteed that we would experience the paranormal, he was correct.

Initial Briefing:
There is a lot of ground to cover. There are about 6 buildings to investigate and we even have the railroad tracks to check out. Activity: People get touched, people sometimes feel like they are being possessed, there is an area that has a strange ripple effect, when you go through this area, it’s almost like you are walking into another dimension. Shadow people have been seen, apparitions have been seen. Since we have two areas to cover, the leads tonight are Shari Aresta and Jon Koyasako. Shari leads Team Charlie. Jon leads Team Elvis. Shari has the following on her team: Betty, Kara, Nina, Lucy, Rebecca and Ariena. Jon has on his team: Amanda, Becky, Mark, Max, Julie and Kristal.

Since we have so much ground to cover, I have a bull horn to call people into base camp. Base camp is the historic Valentine Winery. Equipment being used: walkie talkies, digital recorders, K2 meters, EMF readers, temperature gauges, night vision goggles, dowsing rods, digital cameras, video cameras. We just got started and Rebecca captured a full body apparition of a man sitting on a chair. Many orb, designer orbs have been taken. Shari captured an EVP of a man saying ‘here’.

Areas covered are the Main Warehouse and Valentine Winery. Max captures in 3 photos, a shadow moving from left to right. 1st photo shows a shadow to the left, and then the 2nd photo shows a shadow in the middle, 3rd photo the shadow is now to the far right. There is no explanation on what this shadow is and I would deem this as paranormal. Nina captures a clear pink designer orb, usually pink orbs are an indication of something feminine. Nina also captures an EVP of a man saying ‘hi’. Shari captures an EVP that says ‘here’ and another EVP that says ‘Jim’.

Rebecca captures a full body apparition of a man sitting on a chair. You can see his face, it’s very distinct with features and you can see his body. I would deem the EVPs and the full body apparition as something that is not normal, but something that is truly paranormal. There is a lot of activity here. We are of course are capturing the snow flurry of orbs, which are most likely dust orbs. One designer orb that was captured, it appears there is a man’s face inside the orb. The two teams are now investigating the main office area and the motor pool area.

Base Camp is the Historic Valentine Winery; this is where I am writing my article at from my Toshiba laptop. During breaks from the article, I would say loudly: ‘if you’re here, make your presence known”…and to my surprise the metallic automatic lift doors rattled twice. On another break, I said: “if you are here, touch me”. I said this 3 times and I felt 3 fingers softly raking my back from the top of my neck to my waist line.

Julie had an unusual experience and she will explain it in her own words: “I was in the machine shop area, just beyond a room with some The Haunted Valentine Construction Company & Winerycreepy mannequins that I had just photographed. It seemed that things at this point suddenly sped up; the room became extremely dark, and a train came whizzing by just outside with its horn blowing. As I watched the lights from the train flashing in the upper windows, I felt a pressure on my arm as if someone or something was pressing against it; and with the pressure was an electrical jolt that was mild in nature but consistent. This feeling continued for 20-30 seconds, all the while the train was still screaming by and I felt enveloped in darkness. Once the train passed and the room seemed to retreat to normalcy, the pressure on my arm remained, along with a slight tingling. Awesome experience!”

Rebecca will now explain in her own words, what she and Arianna experienced: “While walking around in the winery, and taking photographs to document the scene, Ariana felt an urge for me to take a picture in the south-easterly direction of the building, exactly where the carnival clown game was. This eventually led us to the “DJ” area. I took several photos of the area and saw what appeared to be a full body apparition. The image appeared to be that of a man. I did not feel anything specific that I can point out, as in fear or goose bumps when the photo was taken.”

Kristal had an unusual experience and she will now explain it in her own words:
“It started in the main winery house. I wasn’t getting a lot of evidence so I decided to meditate. A tactic that I had used in previous ghost hunts to draw out the spirits. A theory of mine that had developed from researching how your body lowers its vibrations and becomes a sort of “beacon” for paranormal entities. Once I had positioned myself on one of the couches I lowered my vibrational rate as my friend Julie took pictures. During this time another paranormal researcher by the name of Max, from Marin County Paranormal, caught a shadow gliding across the floor. He caught this on a series of pictures on his camera. I did not experience anything right away while I sat there. It wasn’t until I got up that I realize all my energy was depleted and I felt very faint.

Once I left the Winery building, I felt my energy again return. The next building to be investigated was the Machinery warehouse across the way. Upon entering the building I immediately felt the energy drain from my body. It was a different experience than being tired. I felt dizzy, light headed and was having trouble standing. I took it upon myself to just sit in darkness and try and regain my strength. Once I felt better I found the group. Max walked up and said he had felt a burning sensation on his arm. We shined the flashlight on it and lo-and-behold there were three scratches across his forearm. He complained that it was painful and it still burned. Then later I was assisting Julie in the back of the same warehouse. Being a sensitive I directed Julie to a backroom where two manikins stood. I politely directed Julie to try and do an EVP because I felt something was there.

At that moment a train started to pass as she started taking pictures and we captured an EVP. At the same time I was taking a picture of the haunting faces of the manikins. She started to exclaim “Something is touching me!” and as I took the picture of the manikin my phone died. (I was using the camera on my phone because my regular camera was dead) As the train passed the energy seemed to intensify as if the warehouse was being recharged with electric energy. It was very intense. Again, once I left the building I started to regain my energy.”

We investigated the railroad tracks. Activity has been detected at the railroad tracks at certain times. Orb shots taken. Rebecca captures an EVP of a male saying: “to the warehouse” after she asks: “Do you go from warehouse to warehouse?” Nina captures a “Hi” EVP. The last session of this investigation, we are doing a free-for-all, where any investigator can go on their own. As I write this in real time, let’s see what they find!

I got an EVP of a man saying his name, listening to it, it sounds like he is saying Cylon. Then at the end, he completely starts rambling on and I can’t make out what he is saying. Then later, the entity grabbed my arm and it felt electric. I felt two fingers grab my arm tightly. Last session, many people captured orb activity. The security monitors show strong orb activity.

With all of the EVPs that we captured, an investigator getting scratched, strange shakings of the doors, me getting touched, the full body apparition that was captured…I must say only one thing…this place is one of the most haunted places I have ever experienced and I have been on over 700 investigations. Most incredible!! We will go back again, but I think we will have a scouting mission and open it up to the public.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/


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