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The Ghost of Natalee Holloway in Aruba?

Ghosts & Paranormal Activity – This is the start of my vacation. The day is 12 January 2009. I am headed for Aruba. The wind-swept island of Aruba was discovered and claimed for Spain in 1499, later acquired by the Dutch in 1636. Aruba was once part of the Netherlands Antilles, but they withdrew and subsequently became an independent member of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

natalee holloway ghost 1At one time oil refining and even gold mining was the major industry in Aruba, but when tourists discovered this island, things for Arubians changed and it changed for the better. This sunshiny place of balmy perfect weather, sandy beaches, duty-free shopping has one of the most fascinating ecosystems on the planet, is surrounded by the warm, aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea. Yes, Aruba is paradise but we are here to try to find the darker side of the island hidden in the shadows.

I would spend much of the day souvenir shopping and when I got hungry I would have some beef chop suey at the Kowloon Restaurant. In a location near the Kowloon Restaurant, I met Sasha (not her real name). She asked why I was walking around taking notes. I explained to her that I have heard stories about a blonde phantom woman that walks the beach of Aruba and some people think it is Natalee Holloway.

I explained that last night, I did go to the beach late at night. A beach location that some people believe that Natalee was taken to and attempted to get some EVPs. Some of the questions I have asked are: Natalee are you here? Natalee if you are here, speak to me. So far, I have not gathered any EVPs. I will continue trying.

Sasha laughed. Sasha: You are a ghosthunter, this is funny. There are many ghosts here in Aruba and many stories. The blonde phantom woman, is probably the Lady of the Mist. The Lady of the Mist is a ghost of a woman, that may have drowned. If you want to know how Natalee died, I know some of Joran’s (Joran van der Sloot) circle of friends. I was told that Joran placed some drugs in her drinks and when he got her out to the beach, she went into convulsions. He had one of his friends drop her out in the ocean. Joran was scared when Natalee went into convulsions, because it was his drugs that killed her. Joran could only think of getting rid of any evidence and that was disposing of the body. That is why Joran did not call the cops, he is a coward.

Paul: Sasha, why haven’t you told the cops? Sasha: The cops already know and they do nothing. I don’t want to be involved and please do not use my name in your article, not my real name, you can call me Sasha, that is okay. Paul: Wow! I was expecting to just try and get some EVPs, I didn’t realize I was going to talk to a person that has some inside knowledge.

After my meeting with Sasha, I watched her as she walked into a crowd of people at the local mall and vanished. I can only wonder what other information, I will find while in Aruba?

As I walked back to my hotel, I sort of was in a trance after talking with Sasha. A Mercedes pulls up and a dark haired Arubian girl stops the Mercedes and opens the door and tells me to get in! As I prepared to get in, a horn blows and I realize I was merely daydreaming. The person blowing the horn, was a large old woman in an old beat up Chevy. I was daydreaming the James Bond (Quantum of Solice) scene.

Hey, what do you expect? I am in paradise, the island of dreams…I can daydream a little bit. But, I know that this vacation is becoming an adventure and the night natalee holloway ghost 2has not even arrived yet.

Okay, the night is here. It’s Wednesday night. It’s time to get friendly. It’s time to interview people. My first interviewee is: Vasilisa Henriquez. Vasilisa verifies the story that Sasha told me and doesn’t mind that I use her real name in my article. Vasilisa looks like a model and she has this sweet Jamaican accent. Instead of calling me Paul, she calls me Pol. I like that. Vasilisa Henriquez also tells me that Joran called his father when Natalee supposingly died. It was Joran’s father that took Natalee on the boat and dumped her body. This is the story that has been told repeatedly here in Aruba.

Vasilisa has her own ghost story from Jaimaca. When she was 12 years old, she saw a woman in white holding a handbag near a big tree. As she watched the woman, she vanished in front of Vasilisa’s eyes. Here in Aruba, her friend was jogging and saw a man with no shirt, as he passed the man with no shirt, he vanished in front of his eyes. Vasilisa works at the Mambo Jambo and put on Conversations with a Serial Killer from Shannon McCabe’s website and everyone at Mambo Jambo was watching Shannon and I talk about Richard Trenton Chase for Two Four Productions. Vasilisa had to check out my credentials and started reading some of my articles at Alien Seeker News. Vasilisa’s desire is to meet celebrity psychic Nancy Bradley. I told her, I will hook her up when I returned back to the States.

The next person I interviewed was Fanny Rodriguez. Fanny is a proclaimed psychic and she says when she drives 60 mph, she can see ghosts walking along the road. She at times astral projects from her body. One night as she laid in bed with her boyfriend, she saw her boyfriend standing over her, but yet her boyfriend was still next to her in bed. Either we have a ghost that does a good impersonation of her boyfriend or her boyfriend astral projected himself and that is what Fanny saw.

I met Darierre del Roxario on the street and she attests that Natalee Holloway is actually seen walking along the beach, this is the blonde phantom woman of the beach.

My next victims, I mean interviewees were three women from Italy. I met the lovely Susy Serra and her two girlfriends, they are here from Italy. Instead of telling me ghost stories, these ladies wanted me to tell them ghost stories. So, I talked the night away about one encounter after another. All three women were fascinated about the paranormal.

After the three Italian women left, I went to another club, it was so jam packed, that people were dancing on the streets, outside the door of this establishment. Here I met a Swedish girl that has no interest in the paranormal, but had a strong interest in Salsa dancing. I showed her some quick moves and she was hooked. We danced in the street during a down pour of rain that lasted for 15 minutes. We were both soaked.

Looking at the time, I had to attempt to get EVPs of Natalee Holloway. The Swedish girl who wishes to remain anonymous tagged along with me via taxi to a location where Natalee may have been. Asking a series of questions, it appears I may have gotten one EVP of a woman.

Paul: Natalee are you here? EVP of young woman: Help me please.

More EVP attempts are made and nothing is found for this night. I close this story for now, as the Swedish girl is bringing me a long island iced tea, as she sips on an Arubian beer. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

On this day, would visit the Eet Cafe – The Paddock and Iguana Joes. I encountered a lovely lady named Leslie Kain from Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio is just another place I have been to, so it was easy to talk with Leslie about her home town. But, what I didn’t know about her home town is a place called Bobby Mackeys. In this old bar and restaurant she tells me that the cellar of this establishment is very haunted. She says objects constantly move around and many patrons have seen full body apparitions while frequenting this place. Okay Leslie, you have me convinced, if I ever get back to Cincinnati, I will definitely check this place out!

natalee holloway ghost 3I ended this night by going back to the Mambo Jambo and listening to Madonna’s song ‘Holiday’ and having a few laughs with the lady bartenders. On my way back to the hotel, I made some more EVP attempts at the beach and I was unsuccessful. Okay, it’s time to sleep, tomorrow is Friday!

Today I went on the Atlantis submarine tour. I have never been on a real submarine, but I did this time. I have been on a 1/2 submarine in Tahiti, but this is something I have never experienced. Besides seeing the spectacular coral reefs and an abundance of colorful sea life, you also get to see two shipwrecks. One of the shipwrecks is the Antilla. This was once a German U-boat supply ship. During World War II, Dutch Marines gave the ship 24 hours to surrender.

The Captain of the ship decided not to turn over his ship to the Dutch Marines, so he scuttled the ship. He safely had the crewmen go to the shore. He then heated up the boilers and opened the sea cocks. When the cold water hit the hot boilers, the ship exploded, ripping the ship in half. It sank in eight minutes. How exciting to see this history in the ocean. For more information, check out: If you visit Aruba, the submarine tour is a must!

An Arubian that does not want to be identified tells me an Arubian ghost story. A man who would go to the beach by himself, would at times see a small boy in a t-shirt, that had no arms. The boy would stare at the man and walk towards the trees and vanish. The man thinking it was some boy that lived near the beach, thought nothing of it. Then one day, the boy with no arms appears again and approaches the man. The boy seemed to have a sinister look on his face. The man felt no threat from the little boy. As the boy got closer, he bit the man’s leg viciously. The man had a stroke. The man screamed and people on the beach hearing the scream assisted the man. It was determined he had a stroke on the beach, but there was also a large bite mark on his leg.

Today spent most of the whole day at the Havana Beach Club, sipping pina coladas. Met another Columbian girl. Her name is Yuli Cacezes, she is an aspiring writer and I was giving her tips that may be beneficial for her future writing career.

On this night, went to another beach area for an EVP session. I asked about 20 or so questions. One questionable EVP is this one, that needs further analysis:

Paul: Natalee, how did you die? EVP of Woman: Don’t know.

People I interviewed claim that Natalee Holloway was last seen at the Senor Frog and not Carlos ‘n Charlies like the newspapers reported. The ‘don’t know’ EVP was obtained near the California Lighthouse.

With the many witnesses that claim to have seen or heard about the blonde phantom woman of the Aruba beaches, I do believe they are seeing something that may be paranormal. With the two EVPs that I received, there is a strong indication that there is paranormal activity. I gathered no positive proof that the EVPs are from Natalee Holloway, nor did I ever see a blonde phantom woman on the beaches of Aruba. Many people believe Joran spiked Natalee’s drinks with drugs. Many people believe that Joran’s father took Natalee on his boat and dumped her body in the ocean. One person I interviewed that calls herself Sasha, says he received this information from the circle of friends that were associated with Joran. My thoughts, when rumors are this strong, there appears there may be some type of foundation of truth and this matter should continue being investigated by the police. As long as Natalee’s death is not confirmed, Aruba cannot truly be ‘one happy island’. There must be a conclusion to this and justice must be served! Natalee will always be in the hearts of millions. She is an innocent girl that confronted evil and paid a terrible price. God bless Natalee.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International!/groups/HPIinternational/

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