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The Architecture Along Costa Rica’s Pilgrimage (Romeria) to Cartago

Costa Rica Events – As the country’s first colonial capital, Cartago is packed with architectural gems, most of which can be readily viewed in a walking tour.

Cartago BasilicaFor example, the Basilica, which was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1910 destroyed it, is open to the public.

Each year on August 2, thousands of pilgrims flock to the Cartago Basilica from throughout the country to give thanks and pay homage to the Virgin of Los Angeles. The virgin is the country’s patron saint and many of Costa Rica’s devout attribute miracles to her.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a pilgrimage only for the faithful. It is a unique experience to view the beauty of the country and some of the most historic sites along the route.

Costa Rica’s Technical Institute organizes tours of Cartago’s historical center. Guides from the Institute’s Urban Development Department provide historical information and point out facets of the buildings that span the 452 years since the former capital’s founding.

Cartago is an important city to visit to understand Costa Rica’s colonial period, the struggle for independence, and the creation of today’s modern republic. August is a special time with pilgrims bearing petitions and thanks, but any time of year is good to visit.

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