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Stolen Cell Phone or Tablet in Costa Rica? Now You Can Do Something

Costa Rica News – The OIJ received over 3,000 complaints about theft of smart devices, such as phones and tablets, in just one year.

stolen cell phone costa ricaA new campaign now exists in order to combat this situation; it’s called “Nos importa Costa Rica,” or We care Costa Rica.

The initiative is supported by the Superintendency of Telecommunications, ICE, Movistar and Claro. The GSMA is also involved. This is a group that represents worldwide operators.

It works by providing real time access to a list of IMEI codes, which are unique to each device. One can find out instantly if the device he or she is about to buy has been reported stolen here or outside of the country.

The database on the platform is updated daily and has information from 100 operators, 45 in Latin America.

Victims of theft must notify your operator of what happened so that your IMEI can be added to the list. Via the platform, one can block the use of his or her stolen device.

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