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Starbucks Will Have Its Own Coffee Farm Tour in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Starbucks will open a visitor center at its experimental coffee farm in Costa Rica. It’s a new center and tour designed to explain and demonstrate the entire production from planting to toasting and grinding.

The farm was purchased four years ago and is 240 hectares located in the Poas volcano slopes.

The visitor center will open next year at Hacienda Alsacia and will be open to tourists from around the world as well as locals.

Coffee tours have become quite popular in Costa Rica, with 17 companies carrying them out to attract tourism, increase coffee purchases and publicize the benefits of coffee, according to the Costa Rican Coffee Institute.

The Starbucks farm is different from the rest in that it is being used to develop trials of different types of coffee that are linked to sustainability, conservation and climate change and watershed protection.

Trials will be carried out to reduce fungus and make coffee disease resistant as well as improve techniques such as drying.

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