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Protesters Demanding Human Rights in San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica – Hundreds of people marched yesterday against homophobia, the defense of in-vitro fertilization, human rights and demanding a secular state, from Central Park to the Legislature.  In the March of the Invisibles, as the organizers called it, there were both heterosexual and homosexual couples, families and several political personalities.

The protest criticized the appointment of deputy Costa Rican Renovation, Justo Orozco, president of the Legislative Commission on Human Rights. He opposes the bill to promote civil and economic rights to same-sex couples and describes homosexuality as “sin” and “diversion”.

Orozco said yesterday: “We live in a democratic country that respects freedom of speech and anyone can manifest.”

“The fact is we are looking for a possible date to meet to talk,” he said.

The organizers felt that the event was attended by about 2,000 people.

Participants reached the outskirts of Congress at 11 am and washed the walls with brooms, adding to the work of deputies Carmen Munoz, Citizen Action Party and Carlos Gongora, the Libertarian Movement (ML).

They displayed banners on the streets with slogans like “Hate is human, to love is divine,” “We are not invisible” and “The basis of society is the love and respect.”

According to the organizer of the march, Shirley Alarcon, they washed the walls in protest to “enforce their rights,” and said that Justo Orozco managed to stop saying that you do not see.

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