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Protecting Costa Rica Avocados

Costa Rica News – The delay in phytosanitation studies by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) has stalled the process for starting imports of avocados from the Dominican Republic.

costa-rica-avocadosEven though it has been a month since the Chamber of Exporters and Importers of Perishable Goods (Cámara de Exportadores e Importadores de Productos Perecederos) asked to be able to start the process of importing avocados from the Caribbean island, a delay in carrying out a study on the part of the Servicio Fitosanitario del Estado (SFE) – State Phytosanitary Service – has prevented this from happening.

Since the avocado market in Mexico was closed, importers have been buying the fruit in Chile, but Randall Benavides, president of the union “… said that Chilean avocados are not profitable because they cost more and there is more distance than any other destination”.

For that reason, he explained to, “…risk analysis by the SFE needs to be completed. The opening to the Dominican market was approved after a meeting took place in the headquarters of the MAG and the head, Luis Felipe Arauz, promised to meet the requirements for importing from that market. ”

Earlier this year Costa Rica stopped the importation of the fruit from Mexico. The Mexicans responded that there was a lack of scientific evidence that justifies the decision of the SFE that, in enacting the ban, said “imports (from Mexico) bought with them the risk of the disease spreading throughout Costa Rica with a subsequent price increase which would result in need for a disbursement to attack the plague.”

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