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“Patch” Adams is Giving Costa Rica Laughter

Costa Rica News – Many of us will always remember Robin Williams’ portrayal of “Patch” Adams.

patch adamsAlthough Robin is gone but Hunter “Patch” Adams is still bringing smiles to the world.

The American doctor Hunter “Patch” Adams is visiting in Costa Rica to bring his laughter therapy to one of the most dangerous communities in San Jose.

Adams, who is known for using humor as therapy came to Costa Rica with a pla.

His Costa Rica agenda included social work and will spend this week with the residents of La Carpio. He will be accompanied by a group of American clowns.

The famous doctor shared the story of his life, jokes and emotional reflections on Tuesday before a packed auditorium of students and volunteers at the University of Costa Rica.

Adams also urged young medical students to make a revolution and find ways to provide a non-traditional service to their patients.

As part of the project, 45 clowns from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Italy, will visit different institutions and conduct workshops aimed at developing the art of being a clown as a tool for healthy living.

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