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Weed the ‘New Beer’ Super Bowl Commercial? (Video)

World Entertainment News – The surprising speed at which legal marijuana is emerging into the mainstream may have caught a software giant with a creative advertising ploy off guard.Intuit, the makers of Quicken and Quickbooks, launched a contest in August for small businesses to compete for a chance to have its very own commercial during the Super Bowl.

That’s when NORML – a non-profit advocacy group that “represents the interests of the tens of millions of Americans who smoke marijuana responsibly” – jumped in and took over.

NORML’s pitch quickly became the most popular entrant in the contest.
Together, we the people, are ending the US war on pot. With the last election and with the recent announcement from the attorney general in Washington DC, we are beautifully positioned to make sure a responsible, adult American citizen is never again arrested for enjoying the beauties of recreational marijuana.

But this doesn’t just happen. Please take a moment of your time to support our campaign to bring the message of legalization to the masses with this Super Bowl Ad.
A spokesman for NORML emailed this morning that the pro-legal marijuana group’s submission to Intuit’s small business completion for a Super Bowl commercial spot has advanced to the second round.

Check out NORML’s updated submission to the contest.

From NORML’s communications director, Erik Altieri:
NORML would like to thank everyone who voted for our entry in Intuit’s contest. Millions of marijauna super bowl commercial 1Americans now believe that it is time to legalize and regulate marijuana, winning this contest will help put that message in front of millions more.

As a non-profit with a small staff and limited budget, we would greatly benefit from this contest just the same as any of the other small business entries. One would argue that NORML would benefit even more so than many of these entries, as our brand is looking to broadcast a truly national message and bring to light an issue that directly and adversely impacts countless thousands in our country every year.

We hope Intuit will give NORML the same fair chance as any other entrant. Our victory would be a win for all parties involved: Intuit gets lots of media coverage and good will for themselves and their contest, FOX would bring in hundreds of thousands of new viewers who would otherwise not watch the Super Bowl, and NORML gets to take our message about the tragic failings of marijuana prohibition to the masses.

Keep voting and we can make marijuana law reform the topic of discussion at watch parties across the nation during this years “Big Game.”
That puts the pro-pot group one step closer and Intuit in an even tighter spot.

Another advertising-related company got caught with its, ummm, guard down when the Marijuana Policy Project ran a pro-pot commercial on a portable billboard at NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 race in July at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Here’s the commercial pushing marijuana as an alternative to beer, which has been viewed more than a million times:

Timeline for Super Bowl contest

Intuit’s FAQ states: Entry is now closed, but if you entered a story in Round 1, you will receive an email during the week of 9/23 letting you know whether you’ve made it to Round 2.

So, we should know this week if the marijuana group gets to go on. Here’s the schedule for the contest :

  • August – September: Once you submit your story, you’ll want to rally friends and fans to vote for you. Votes help determine which businesses advance to the next round. This round is now closed.
  • September – October: If you advance, and we hope you do, you will receive an email from us the week of 9/23. More emails will follow with instructions on simple activities you can complete to help us learn more about your business and narrow down entries to the top 20 businesses.
  • Late October: If you’re one of the 20 semi-finalists, you’ll be notified by email. Then, over 8,000 Intuit employees will be given the opportunity to review each of the 20 semi-finalists. The employee vote will decide the final four businesses.
  • November: All four finalists begin the last round on even footing; votes do not carry over from previous rounds. The story with the most votes wins the grand prize.
  • February: The commercial for the winning business will run on the Big Game on 2/2/14.

by:Jake Ellison,

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