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Le Loft – Jaco’s Upscale VIP Bar/Club (Video)

Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach) Nightlife – One of the best-known surfing towns in Costa Rica is Jaco, a city commonly known for nightlife near the beach, surfing and beautiful women. Like many cities in the country there are bars on the beach, but Jaco offers tourist the option of dressing up and going to the clubs. For those interested in a more upscale, luxurious, American style bar/club in the city, Le Loft is the place to go.

le loft jaco 1With AC, which can be considered rare in Costa Rica, a Dj who plays all the current American hits and a selection of American drinks, Le Loft makes you feel like you are in the United States. Demographics vary from early twenties to late fifties. Costa Rican law states that you must be eighteen or older to legally drink in the country therefore everyone in the club will be at least eighteen years old.  You will find people from all parts of the world at the bar; this is the beauty of Costa Rica.

The good vibe from the people and the great music from the DJ make the ambiance fun for everyone. It is a popular place for anyone looking to enjoy the night. The club also offers a selection of VIP’s promotions to choose from that include bottle service. Locals enjoy going to Le Loft because it is considered one of the nicest bars and clubs in Jaco.

Since it is Costa Rica the party does not usually begin until after midnight. It is common for tourists to hangout at the bars around Le Loft, have dinner and drink before heading out to the club.

In addition to the American style, the bar has different theme nights. From black light Saturdays to bikini Sundays, entertainment is not something to worry about at Le Loft. Body painting during black light theme night will give everyone something to do. Depending on the night, there is an open bar for ladies and a selection of gorgeous women for the men. Another entertainment is the dancers who only take a break to refresh and dance all night.

Anyone looking to enjoy a pleasant environment in the city of Jaco will enjoy a night out at Le Loft. It is clean, decorated with style, and it gives people the opportunity to dress up. The music, friends, girls and the large and diverse theme nights will make your party experience unforgettable.

This is video from Saturday Night at Le Loft in Jaco…….Party Time!

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