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Juan Luis Guerra Returns to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events –  Juan Luis Guerra is a famous Dominican singer, songwriter, and music producer. He’s going to return to Costa Rica, in order to promote his new album, “A Son de Guerra Tour,” which was recorded live. 

Dominican Republic singer Juan Luis Guerra performs during his "La Travesia Tour" in Santo DomingoHis performance in the country will be on November 16th, and will be a part of his world tour and Cafe Volio’s 75th anniversary celebration. It will begin at 7 pm at the National Stadium, on the west side of San Jose.

The live album compiles CD and DVD features. It includes duets with Romeo Santos and Juanes, as well as his band, “4:40.” It has new songs and classic hits like, “La bilirrubina” and “Ojala que llueva cafe.”

In a promo video, Guerra says, “Hello, Costa Rica. I’m Juan Luis Guerra and I want to invite you all to celebrate together the 75th anniversary of Café Volio. … I hope to see you all there!” You have definitely heard his songs before; he’s taken 30 top-30 spots on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, since the ‘80s.

3,000 tickets were sold in the first two days that they were available. 30,000 are expected to attend this, his fourth concert in Costa Rica. You can buy tickets at or at the door. If you bring an empty 500-gram bag of Volio coffee, you will receive 50% off tickets at the door. With that discount, you could get a seat for as little as $16.


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