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Gay Marriage Made Legal in Costa Rica? Oops

Costa Rica News – For all of you that have been following the past few days in Costa Rica, it seems the Catholic country might be making gay marriage legal through legislation that was signed earlier this week.  The oops is not the fact that gay marriage is being made legal, the oops was the fact that the diplomats in the Costa Rican legislature did not read the law and just signed it.

costa rica gay marriage approvedWe all knew that the diplomats were lazy and did not do anything, but when you have a newspaper like La Nacion in Costa Rica openly stating that it is normal for these elected officials to not read these bills, then why are they getting paid?

I cannot wait for a child in Costa Rica to be told to learn to read or you will not become anything……but mom I could be a diplomat in the Costa Rican legislature.  It is like aftermath of the Marion Barry arrest in the USA for smoking crack.  Don’t do drugs you won’t be anything……I could be mayor!

For me I think if too people want to celebrate their love for each other, let them do what they want.  In all honesty, does it really effect your life if a group of people that have been fighting for this right for years gets it? How does it effect you? If you bring religion into the conversation sorry but have faith that your God will sort it out upon their death. It is not your place to judge others.

Let’s address what happened in Costa Rica.  An amendment to establish civil unions “without discrimination”, was included in the amendment to the Law of the Young Person , provided a loophole that supposedly would allow homosexual unions, announced José María Villalta.

The writing in the bill has given gays in Costa Rica the ability to possibly use a legal interpretation of this clause to get married and form civil unions.  After signing and approving the bill it is now on the desk of Laura Chinchilla who has said she is going to approve the bill as is.

Diplomats like Justo Orozco who is an elected Costa Rican official that believes that being gay is a sickness and can be cured are infuriated and asking Chinchilla to veto the bill.  By the way this moron will be running for the presidency next election.

Hey diplomats, perhaps you should read the things you are signing, as obviously you are currently thinking more about summer vacation than you are actually doing your jobs. Isn’t that what you were elected to do? Just wondering because you have been doing a pretty crappy job.

I hope that Chinchilla does sign this into law and grants gay unions the ability to get married.  Perhaps then the lazy elected officials will start reading the laws they are putting in place for their constituents instead of continually screwing up and claiming ignorance as a valid excuse for their actions.

But we all know that if Chinchilla signs this bill they will all point to her for the blame on why this bill passed, even though step one of the process is approval in the legislature.

This looks like it will come down to a court ruling that will determine the interpretation of the law.  The battle for gay marriage in Costa Rica still has a ways to go, but this bill might have given gays the doorway they need to  make it legal.


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