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Dengue Outbreak in Parrita, Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A 20-year-old resident of Parrita this week became the first case of dengue hemorrhagic fever detected in recent years in Costa Rica.  Recently the Parrita clinic has been treating on average about 20 cases a day.

dengue fever outbreakThe current situation in Parrita is so large that it has overwhelmed dengue patients services to a point of ineffectiveness.

In the past five months in Parrita 287 people have been treated for this condition.

Dengue fever is a virus that is transmitted by the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti , which is reproduced where stagnant water is found, such as old tires, cans, drains and pots.

The clinic director indicated that, at this time, six of the seven people who are admitted to the Hospital in Quepos for dengue are from Parrita.

Those aged between 15 and 20 years old, young children and older adults are the most vulnerable to the disease.

According to figures from Subarea Epidemiological Surveillance of Social Security Fund (CCSS), through the end of March, the areas of health and EBAIS attention had registered 5,615 people with various symptoms of the disease and 12 with dengue hemorrhagic fever.

That’s four times the figure for the previous year.

Let’s hope that the Costa Rica government will allocate more resources to this area in roder to make sure treatment is sufficient.

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