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Dengue Epidemic in Puntarenas Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all those people that have noticed a few more mosquitoes than normal during dry season, they are not a figment of the imagination. No rains have come, however there is talk of an epidemic of dengue in Puntarenas and even a recent death of a woman infected with the virus. 

dengue-costa_ricaMontes de Oro and Garabito in Puntarenas recorded the most cases followed by Orotina in Alajuela.

Guanacaste also claimed  27% (957) of all patients registering as being infected with the virus.

In fact, the Ministry of Health activated alerts to collect waste, such as tires, trash and fumigated risk areas. In the Central Region of Puntarenas, has activated 71 Health officials who will visit homes, businesses and vacant lots.

Although dengue proliferates more when fall rains, high summer temperatures are also fertile ground for this disease.

“In places without water, as in parts of the Nicoya Peninsula people are in the habit of keeping liquid in jars which provides a breeding ground for the mosquitoes “said Dr. Melissa Ramirez.

When there is an increase in temperatures it favors mosquito reproduction if, in addition to the increased temperatures, there are sites with stagnant water.

Ramirez coordinates vector surveillance for the Ministry of Health, in the central Pacific area.

Dengue infection is a disease caused by the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti .

In its classic, this infection causes symptoms similar to the flu, such as fever and muscle aches. To avoid infection, remove  water collecting containers, because there it provides a great location for mosquito breeding.

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