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CR’s New “Secret” Militia Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Costa Rica News – I wonder how this Costa Rica “military” group was formed? the picture in my mind goes something like this……As we set the scene.  A group of former Costa Rican police are sitting around the local bar at about 10 pm after a Saprissa/La Liga soccer game.  All of them are drunk off Cacique shots and Imperial beer.  They begin talking about how they would all kick the asses of the Nicaraguans if the Nicaraguan army invaded Costa Rica.  In order to prove who had the biggest huevos a challenge was put forth to form their own army.

costa rica militiaThe next day all of them were recovering form their hangovers and one of the neighbors that had overheard the conversation about starting their own military called the former director of the national police out and asked when they were going to actually do this.  In order to not loose face the make shift border protecting Costa Rican militia was formed.

That’s just how I picture it…..I wonder if you show up to formation at 0800 give or take 15 minutes it is ok?

For anyone that takes that last part seriously and does not see the sarcasm, oh well.

Look I admire this group for getting out fighting for a cause, but there are much better ones to fight against and that they can actually make a difference.

At least 100 men are being led by the former director of the Costa Rican national police force, Fuerza Publica, in combat and infantry training. This militia has called itself “Patrulla 1856” and “Frente Patriotico para la Defensa Nacional.”

Fabio Jose Pizarro’s men released photos of their training in one of their camps. President Laura Chinchilla downplayed these photos, saying that these groups “often do not exist in reality.”

The group is paramilitary and apolitical, with a purpose to serve the country in case of an invasion by Nicaragua, which is constantly threatened. They count on the rights in Article 12 of the Constitution, allowing them to act in the case of “clear territorial defense.” They are inspired by an event in 1856, in which the invaders, led by William Walker, were kicked out.

The group includes men and women over the age of 25. They are a constantly growing group that trains in secret locations. Their leader explained that they do not plan to be a guerilla movement. Their only objective is to keep their land sovereign. They will not go into Nicaragua, giving the enemy cause for international action.

Let’s all admit this now…..if the Nicaraguan army invades Costa Rica these militia are going to be high tailing it in the opposite direction….that is unless they have had a few shots of Guaro that afternoon. But they can have their fun and pretend to play army to impress the women.

Just a thought why don’t they use their new found enthusiasm to protect something that they can make a difference… turtle eggs or fighting the  drug traffickers.

Nicaragua is not going to invade.



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