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Costa Rica’s Competition to the Panama Canal? A Dry Canal

Costa Rica News – A dry canal through Costa Rica may compete with the Panama Canal if approved.

costa rica dry canalThere are currently two companies offering proposals and trying to gain approval from the State.

It would be a great choice to transfer goods and grains across the country between the Pacific to the Caribbean. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is studying the idea, which would concession the construction of a 320 km railway.

Thousands of containers a day could be moved directly from coast to coast.

Both proposals aim to accommodate vessels up to 18,000 containers. Viability is being verified.

There could potentially be 440 containers moving each direction every 40 minutes.

The investment would be around $4,000 million. Next steps may include feasibility studies and others on the environmental impact.

With the amount of time that it took to build the road from San Jose to Jaco and the latest train accident of two trains colliding in Costa Rica this ought to be interesting if approved.

So Nicaragua is trying to build it’s own canal, Panama already has one and now Costa Rica want’s to make their own mess.  Typical foolish pride.

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