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Costa Rican Lawyer Growing Marijuana as “A Movement”

Costa Rica News – Mario Cerdas Salazar, a lawyer on trial for the cultivation of marijuana, says that at the start to this crazy story was an intent to start a movement to use marijuana for food and medicinal purposes.

marijuana costa rica lawyer 2He was then singled out by police continuously raiding his property for no reason. He was only growing enough of the plant for personal use, and not even enough for that as he was buying for himself from third parties.

In addition to using the cultivation for his food (such as in eggs and like any other vegetable) and smoking it or using a vaporizer, he also grew the plants to investigate how the water magnetized.

The man never intended to sell, was never caught selling, and did not mean to appear as though he was making fun of the authorities.

Some kind of miscommunication led to him being persecuted and even held in jail.

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