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Costa Rican Filmmaker’s Movie “January First” Goes to The Hollywood Film Festival

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Rican filmmaker Erika Bagnarello’s new film “January First” will open in theaters in January 2016.

Erika Bagnarello january firstLeading up to the public opening the film will make its rounds at notable international film festivals.

The Hollywood Film Festival is a prestigious forum for the film to be displayed. This is an important forum according to Bagnarello, since this film festival tends to focus on films with social messages.

The film will also be displayed in September at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.

This is the largest film festival in the Caribbean that is well attended by the entire industry.

“January First” was shot in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where there was much collaboration by these 2 communities to support this film, which Bagnarello did not receive from Costa Rica.

The film is about the impact of divorce on a family.

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