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Costa Rica Thai Massages – Bambu Body Works

For months I tried to find a place to get a massage in Costa Rica. Dealing with the daily frustrations of running a business and trying to make money in the land of Pura Vida stresses you out. Unfortunately when you search for massages in the San Jose area most are the kind with a happy ending.  This was not what I wanted. 

bambu thai massageBambu Body Works, in Barrio Otoya, Costa Rica, features traditional Thai massage that is up to an international standard. In fact, they also have a location in the prestigious Los Angeles, California. Thai massage could be just what you are looking for. It’s been handed down from Buddha’s time to align the body’s energies in this ancient and effective way.

Located in the Sportsmen’s Lodge near Parque Moarazon in downtown San Jose it is accessible to any area around the city.  At first I was a bit pessimistic as I know the reputation of the Sportsmen’s Lodge, but soon those worries were put to rest when Ingrid, the professional masseuse greeted me. (the fact she was beautiful was just an added bonus)   We sat down and spoke for a little while as she told me the history of the Bambu Body Works. This was added to the hotel to offer a little more comfort and an amenity for which many guests had asked.

I am one of those people that require I actually experience something before writing about it or promoting it.  I spent the next hour having all the kinks in my muscles massaged and before I knew it the hour was over.  Everything was professional and that of a high end massage parlor.

Bambu Body Works Traditional Thai Massage is done on a large comfortable massage bed. The practitioner will massage and stretch you using firm rhythmic pressure and yoga positions. The main idea is to massage the 10 main “sen” or vessels where air travels through the body, balancing and expanding the energy. In Thailand the government regulates and recognizes this form of massage as a treatment for many types of ailments. It is also used around the world at spas.

The staff at Bambu Body Works is professional and kind. They work hard to ensure that you are comfortable. From your first step inside the relaxing location you will feel the peace and harmony! You can choose from many therapies including Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Couple’s Massage, and Swedish Massage. You will leave feeling relief from pain and stress.

I almost forgot to tell you one of the best things about this massage…….it is only $50 for an hour.  If you mention The Costa Rican Times they will take $5 off.

The Costa Rican Times will also be giving away a free 1 hour massage each month. All you have to do is like our facebook page to be entered in the drawing for this massage and other giveaways each month. (Monthly Giveaways)

Feel free to call them on contact them as the below contact information to schedule your massage.


Business Phone – 2221-2533

Cell Phone – 8665-0523

Email[email protected]


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