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Costa Rica Pushing for Vaccination Against Measles

Costa Rica News – The CCSS is asking parents to vaccinate their kids against the measles, after an outbreak over in Europe.

Ideally, children would receive the first dose at one year and three months and then the booster at six years old.

All parents of 15 month olds and 6 year olds should verify at their local ebais that their kids are up to date with this and other vaccines set out in the immunization schedule of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

The outbreak in Europe was caused by a low coverage of the vaccination.

The vaccine protects against rubella and mumps, as well. Now all children in Costa Rica can get the vaccine for free without needing insurance.

The measles can lead to death and there is no specific cure so vaccination is absolutely necessary.

According to the CCSS data, 93.5% of children receive the first dose and 89.2% receive the booster.

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