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Costa Rica Poas Volcano Erupts; Travel Warning

Costa Rica News – Although these is not much danger it might be wise to stay alert if you visit the Poas Volcano with the recent volcanic activity picking up a bit lately. These eruptions are common but still can be dangerous. Not an official travel warning more like a heads up.

poas volcano eruption costa rica 1Any sort of ash or lava observed in the volcanic eruption was probably older magma and ash originating from a past larger eruption, Klemetti explained.

Earlier on during this month, Costa Rica’s National Seismological Network (RSN) published a study stating that the volcano’s crater was glowing red-hot with molten rock as well as giving off sulfur.

Smaller volcanic eruptions are not unusual for the 8,884 foot active volcano. Geology site Volcano Discovery mentioned there were eruptions during eacn and every year of this decade so far. Klemetti said the volcano has five to 10 of these phreatic blasts per month.

But this consistency does not imply these types of explosions are unable to kill. Last May five hikers perished in a sudden explosion on Mount Mayon in the Philippines.

“If you’re up in the crater, they can happen fairly unexpectedly,” said Klemetti. “They can be dangerous if you are hiking on the summit.”

The Poás Volcano is a commonly visited tourist site and is one of the Costa Rica’s most well known natural landmarks.

It is located in the Poas National Park in the Alajuela Province.



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