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Costa Rica Plans to Launch Regions First Space Satellite

Costa Rica News – Central America projects to send into space the region’s 1st satellite in 2016 observe temperature changes as well as co2 levels in Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica SatelliteThe Central American Aeronautics and Space Association (ACAE) revealed recently that it is going to develop in Costa Rica a satellite which it expects to launch into orbit during the subsequent 2 yrs to analyze the impact of climate change within the tropical rainforests of the Santa Rosa National Park, which is located in Guanacaste.

Information gathered from the satellite is going to be relayed back to scientists at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR) for evaluation as well as testing.

This plan was finalized and signed this past week by Costa Rican  President Laura Chinchilla.

The satellite, that once finished is anticipated to have a weight of less than 22 pounds, was developed by ITCR specialists as well as 2 Costa Rican scientists, NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Díaz and NASA engineer Sandra Cauffman.

A lot similar to Bolivia’s 1st digital satellite, that was created as well as launched into orbit last December in China, the Costa Rican-made technology will need to be delivered into orbit by someone other than Costa Rica, as Costa Rica has no launch infrastructure.

There have already been talks with South Korea and NASA.

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