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Costa Rica Hospital Upgrades Its Cancer Care Equipment & Team

Costa Rica Healthcare – There’s a new team and equipment at the Hospital San Juan de Dios that allow for better visualization and treatment of cancerous tumors.

The team also offers minimally invasive biopsies and procedures.

The TAC simulator offers four-dimensional images of length, width, depth and motion. It helps doctors and their teams to study the specific type of cancer in each patient to offer personalized treatment.

It was inaugurated Tuesday morning and a new treatment team of people were presented. They seek to improve treatment.

The goal of the team and equipment is to combat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects.

The device will provide a digital reconstruction of the form of the tumor and give insight into its location and even its movement and evolution in the body. The image can be broken into 16 sections for more precise details.

It is connected wirelessly to the radiotherapy service of Hospital Mexico, where patients are treated.

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