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Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas; “Man of Faith”

Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas; “Man of Faith”

Costa Rica News – Renowned national goalkeeper Keylor Navas dreamed and played as a little boy of being a soccer star. It has now materialized. Tweet

Costa Rica’s Eugene O’Neill Theater Offering Mid-Week Entertainment

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Eugene O’Neill theater will be offering shows every other Wednesday at 12:10 pm. Tweet

Trumps of the Tarot

The trump cards are the 22 major cards of the tarot deck. They carry a deeper and more powerful meaning then the numbered ones. Jean-Baptiste Pitois coined the terms major and minor arcana to separate the deck, in a meaningful way. These cards are considered to be the major arcana. The trumps of the tarot.

Costa Rican Selected for Clinical Oncology & Cancer Research Program

Costa Rica News – A Tica, Cecilia Monge, was chosen from among 3,000 aspirants for a study program in clinical oncology and cancer research. Tweet

Emily Dickinson and Neuroscience

In her famous poem, “The brain is wider than the sky,” Emily Dickinson provides a powerful counter to the premises and presumptions of neuroscience. We would do well to consider this perspective before plunging ahead. Tweet

Surf Photos & Costa Rica Weekend Surf Report- February 24th & 25th

Costa Rica Surfing – (Surf Report February 24th & 25th) – We are going to give you the surf forecast for Costa Rica and we have Costa Rica surf pics.  There are going to be some fun sets rolling on the Pacific side & its going to be flat on Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We have also added surf

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