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Would You Like to Be a Volunteer Costa Rica Police Officer?

Would You Like to Be a Volunteer Costa Rica Police Officer?

Costa Rica News – Transit authorities are asking for a hand. Specifically, they are looking for volunteers to work as Traffic Police without pay. So far, about 80 applications have been received, and 30-40 of them will be selected. Tweet

Villagers in Costa Rica Literally Wore Their Ancestors

Costa Rica News – Nowadays, people cling to objects that belonged to our ancestors as a way to honor their memory and even have them around, even if it is no longer possible. Tweet

How Becoming a Better Dater Can Help You at Work

Lifestyle – As a dating coach, I help people become more likable so they can find love. But working on those dating skills can often have a halo effect: As people learn to become more likable to potential partners, they often see improvements at work and in other relationships, too. Tweet

Costa Rica Tying to Crack Down on Money Laundering

Costa Rica News – There is a new anti-money laundering law that imposes fines on certain populations that fail to alert the DCI of dubious operations of its customers. Tweet

Haunted Empire Mine State Historical Park

Ghosts & the Supernatural – On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, explored the Empire Mine State Historical Park. Just to let you know, this mine is very haunted. In fact all mines are haunted. The reason being is that the miners worked under harsh conditions and there were many accidents and deaths. Even to

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