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Ghosts & Supernatural articles

Moon Feathers – Protect Yourself From Evil

Moon Feathers – Protect Yourself From Evil

How to stop a curse – To stop a curse; remember that you need to put as much energy into the light thoughts that someone put into the dark thoughts against you. You must also heal yourself through positive chants, affirmations and beliefs. Tweet

Haunted Indonesia

Ghosts & The Supernatural – When my cousin former Vietnam veteran Master Sergeant Paul Leaird of the 1st Calvary Division visited Indonesia during his R&R from the war that was raging in Vietnam, he stated to me that Indonesia was very haunted. As a boy, I was very interested in the paranormal since I experienced the

Spirit & Snow

Magic is in the air all around us. This is in the sense that, we are alive, breathing oxygen, without ever having put it there. We have thoughts that manifest and we create beauty, with our intentions. This energetic field from which, this holiness flows through is known as the spiritual realm. Because snow is

Barbie, Black Eyed Kids and The New Scotland Yard

Ghosts & the Supernatural – The night was dark and foreboding, I, the Demon Warrior was flown to London, England to meet up with 2 special ops from New Scotland Yard. New Scotland Yard interrupted me as I watched NBC’s The Cape and eating a slice of Domino’s pizza. The two special agents identified themselves as

Legion of Altars

An altar is a table or a flat top area that is used for a religious ritual, offerings to a deity, or sacrifices. Many altars today are found as stages, at your work desk, where we eat, and throughout several areas in our houses. My altar is my spirits home. It is the energy that

Dyer Lane: Urban Legend or Truth?

Ghosts & the Supernatural – I head up I-5 North towards Redding, playing Men in Black by Will Smith. The only paranormal song to psyche me up that I could find in my CD collection. At 9pm, I meet up with HPI paranormal investigators at Taco Bell on Elverta and Watt. Shannon gives us a briefing

Witch Vampire Lover

A witch vampire is a hybrid divine creature, that is a mix between a witch and a vampire. In ancient modern mythological terms, this is a moon worshiping deity. A holy connection exists between magick, empathy, love and desire. Tweet

Supernatural Mountains & The Greystone Mansion

Ghosts & the Supernatural – In this article, I will be talking about two places that I visited.  Both places left a big impact on me and helped me go down the path as a paranormal investigator.  The first story is about a very mysterious mountain and the second story is about a mansion that many

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