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7-Step Guide to Navigating Social Anxiety

7-Step Guide to Navigating Social Anxiety

Lifestyle – Several weeks ago, you reluctantly penciled a networking event into your calendar. Now you’re here holding a glass of Chardonnay while coworkers and potential business connections make pleasant small talk. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems as if you’re having fun and listening attentively, laughing on cue with the others when someone says something

7 Questions to Ask to Help You Make Sense of Your Life

Lifestyle – My husband just so happens to be a giant nerd, which is precisely why I married him. By day, he geeks out as an IT systems architect at an engineering firm, and by night, among other things, he geeks out about astronomy. Tweet

Why Moving to Costa Rica Made All My Problems Worse

Costa Rica Living –  In 2012, I left my 9-to-5 job to pursue an online business. I wanted to create a business to provide flexibility and financial freedom to my family so we could live where we wanted and have more quality time together. At first I didn’t know exactly what life would look like

Are Costa Rica Tap Water and Bottled Water the Same?

Costa Rica Living – When you buy bottled water in Costa Rica are you just paying for high priced tap water? Tweet

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