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Why Good Things Happen To Bad People

Why Good Things Happen To Bad People

Editorial – “To he who is right in mind, he can do all the wrong things and it will still turn out right. To she who is wrong in mind, she can do all the right things and it will still turn out wrong.” Tweet

Why Moving to Costa Rica Made All My Problems Worse

Costa Rica Living –  In 2012, I left my 9-to-5 job to pursue an online business. I wanted to create a business to provide flexibility and financial freedom to my family so we could live where we wanted and have more quality time together. At first I didn’t know exactly what life would look like

Are Costa Rica Tap Water and Bottled Water the Same?

Costa Rica Living – When you buy bottled water in Costa Rica are you just paying for high priced tap water? Tweet

Ann Bender’s Husband Did Commit Suicide

Opinion – I watched the 48 hours mystery on the Ann Bender case.  I could tell she was telling the truth about the gun and the suicide.  So I knew there was something wrong.  I watched the show and had one clear question.  Which I figured the answer to.  “How and who determined the gun was

5 Tips To Avoid Getting Kidnapped At Gunpoint In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – I’m going to share with you some tips on how not to be kidnapped at gunpoint in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica and never be seen intact again. Didacticism coming at you—I’mma use every Spanish word I learned in my one-week trip to that scenic country, thereby proving beyond a shadow of a

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