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Real Estate articles

costa rica real estate investment

Real Estate Investment Funds Gaining Traction in Costa Rica

Real Estate Investment Funds Gaining Traction in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate News - The private equity industry is finally returning in real estate markets after a long recession, according to a report by consultants Ernst & Young Global Limited, in November 2013. They also said the real estate private equity sector is positioned for growth in 2014. Tweet


Buying a Beach House in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate News - The Costa Rica real estate market has seen significant growth over the past decade and a beach house in Costa Rica is the most prized piece of paradise to own. Owning a beach home in Costa Rica is a tropical dream already achieved by many people but there are some


Jaco Beach: Costa Rica’s Real Estate Hotspot

Costa Rica Real Estate News - Jaco beach, Costa Rica is the heart of the Central Pacific and is one of the primary real estate hotpots in country for good reason. As the closest beach to San Jose, Jaco is one of the most visited coastal destinations in Costa Rica. This popular little beach town has

luxury home costa rica tax main

2014 Costa Rica Luxury Home Tax is Due

Costa Rica Real Estate News - The yearly taxes on “luxury” residences, referred to as Solidarity Tax, has to be paid by Wednesday, January 15th in order to prevent fees and interest. Tweet

jaco-vacation-rental main

New Jaco Beach Vacation Rental Service

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals – We have just arrived at the back end of the Christmas holidays but this is just the beginning of the Costa Rica high season for tourists arriving on its shores. Many vacation rental websites offer you the ability to get your house out there but it can cost you upwards

retire-abroad main

International Real Estate; Retirement Hot Topic

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Growing numbers of baby boomers and Generation Xers are seeing international solutions as a way fix their financial woes. Retirees and soon-to-be-retired boomers are finding better options for their retirement years abroad and Generation Xers are finding employment and a better way of life overseas. Tweet

costa rica real estate news main

Tips for Buying Costa Rica Property

Costa Rica Real Estate News - Buying real estate abroad can be complicated as processes, ownership, title and possession rights can create varying levels of risk depending on the country. Costa Rica is a country that has a well establish and relatively easy system. Although Costa Rica is considered one of the best Latin American countries

squatters costa rica main

Costa Rica Squatters Legally Obtain a Property

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Make sure you know the laws so this does not happen to you. Hundreds of campesino (peasant) squatters are celebrating a great victory. They managed to expropriate 425 hectares from Dutch entrepreneurs, after a fight that lasted over two years, beginning on April 8th, 2011. Tweet

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