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Real Estate articles

costa rica real estate rental market main

Rental Market for Costa Rica Housing Continues to Grow

Rental Market for Costa Rica Housing Continues to Grow

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Most Costa Rican families live in rented houses. I didn’t know that until today. It seems shocking at first but upon further research and reasoning it makes sense. Tweet

mel gibson house costa rica

Mel Gibson’s Jungle Oasis in Costa Rica On The Market

Costa Rica Real Estate News – Mel Gibson has put his beachfront retreat in Costa Rica up for sale at $29.75 million. Tweet

luxury home tax costa rica

Costa Rica Not Enforcing The Luxury Home Tax Very Well

Costa Rica News – As it is with most laws in regards to collecting additional money in Costa Rica, passing them is the easy part for Costa Rica’s legislation…..actual enforcement on the other hand is a different story.  Tweet

costa rica real estate market main

The Current Housing Market For San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate News - What’s your guess at what a house in Costa Rica sells for? I bet you’ll be surprised to hear that a housing market study showed that 65% of the homes and apartments for sale in the Greater Metropolitan Area cost over $120,000. Tweet

costa rica real estate market main

Report About Costa Rica Real Estate Reveals Some Surprises

Costa Rica Real Estate News - According to a recent study by San Jose-based CRREC, the real estate market in Costa Rica is displaying signs of significant interest towards pre-built construction of coastal gated communities while pressure rises from competing markets such as Panama. Tweet

tamarindo costa rica main

Costa Rica’s Leading Property Market for 2014; Tamarindo

Costa Rica Real Estate News - The Costa Rica real estate market saw a significant turn-around in 2013 after setting a record in international arrivals in 2012 with over two million landing on its sunny shores. Development and construction picked back up in the first quarter 2013 and significantly increased throughout remainder of the year. Tweet


Tamarindo Real Estate – Gold Coast Lifestyle

Costa Rica Real Estate News - Stunning beauty, access and lifestyle has propelled Costa Rica’s Gold Coast into the limelight as a destination of choice for the luxury travelers and for those looking for the ultimate tropical paradise to call home. Not only is this Pacific dreamland a chic escape location for the rich and famous

costa rica real estate investment

Real Estate Investment Funds Gaining Traction in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate News - The private equity industry is finally returning in real estate markets after a long recession, according to a report by consultants Ernst & Young Global Limited, in November 2013. They also said the real estate private equity sector is positioned for growth in 2014. Tweet

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