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Food and Dining articles

costa rica cheese main

Enjoying the Flavors of Costa Rica

Enjoying the Flavors of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The curved mountain tops, blanketed in milky green grass, gave way to infinite blue sky. Cows grazed on land speckled with wind turbines. If it wasn’t for the unpaved roads and one-storey houses in pops of candyfloss pink and lime, I could easily have been in the Alps, rather than Monteverde, in

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Costa Rica Traditional Food Restaurant Franchise Opens

Costa Rica Entertainment – A new restaurant, Rancho de Cecy, has come to Alajuela. It is the first franchise of its kind here in Costa Rica. Tweet

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Getting a Good Cup of Coffee in San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Though Costa Rica is one of the world’s top coffee-producing countries, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good cup there. Why? Because the country exports 90% of its beans, leaving behind the lower-quality coffee for those drinking Costa Rican coffee in its homeland. The long political and economic explanation for this is a

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Monk Brewed “Holy Beer” About to Hit USA Stores

Entertainment News – American monks have been raising money to fix up their centuries-old Italian monastery by brewing their own beer — a European monastic tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. Tweet

casado costa rica

Experiencing the Local Costa Rican Food & Drink

Costa Rica Living – A BIG PART of breaking out of your routine and experiencing someplace new is exploring the local cuisine. In the case of Costa Rica, you can’t really go wrong — but here are some extra special items to keep an eye out for. Tweet

30 pound burrito don chingon 1

Restaurant Offers 10 Percent Ownership if You Can Finish Its 30-Pound Burrito

Entertainment News – We like a huge meaty burrito as much as the next guy, but a new eating challenge issued by a Brooklyn taqueria just seems excessive … at least until you hear what they’re offering as a prize. Tweet

farmers market san jose

Experiencing San Jose’s Farmer’s Market; Getting a Taste of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment –  Every Saturday, starting about 7 in the morning, thousands of residents of San José flock to one of the most colorful events in the city. It is the Feria del Agricultor, the Farmer’s Market on Avenida 20. Tweet

Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs main

Costa Rican Going to International Cooking Competition in Hungary

Costa Rica Entertainment – A student, Giancarlo Alvarez, won the first edition of  Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs, a gourmet chef contest. He will go on to represent Costa Rica in the global competition in Budapest, Hungary. Tweet

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