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Food and Dining articles

taste-stars-astronaut-costa rica main

Four Seasons Costa Rica & Franklin Chang Serve “Taste the Stars”

Four Seasons Costa Rica & Franklin Chang Serve “Taste the Stars”

Costa Rica Entertainment News - Franklin Chang is well known as being the first astronaut from Costa Rica, and all of Latin America, to make it to space. He’s been honored at the NASA Hall of Fame. He’s now taking on a new challenge that he’ll no doubt become famous for, as well. Tweet

Uncle Earls Fine Meats Jaco

Hidden Gems in Jaco – Uncle Earl’s Fine Meats

Costa Rica Living – Growing up in Texas we are used to having pretty great cuts of meat available at local stores and restaurants. I know there are a lot of vegetarians out there and I apologize but I love a good steak or sausage from time to time. Tweet


Hidden Gems in Jaco – Marea Baja & Rustico

Costa Rica Travel News – I wanted to start doing an article a couple of times a week on little things that are located in the Jaco & Hermosa area that you do not normally see in the travel guide and tourists should experience at least once while they are here.  For me they are

dining out in costa rica

Dining Out in Costa Rica; As You Like It

Costa Rica Living - I traveled back to the States not long ago to visit my mother. At quite a nice restaurant, I was struck by the cultural differences between dining in the US and Costa Rica.  Tweet

ticas with a twist costa rican food 2

CR Food Hits the USA; Ticas With a Twist

Costa Rica News – If you are Costa Rican and in the mood for a taste from home in the New York area, you can now enjoy some flavors from home while out of the town.   Tweet

Johnny-Rockets costa rica main

Johnny Rockets Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Just what we need more fast food in Costa Rica with the obesity rate growing in the country.  You have to give this company props, with the popularity of Micky D’s and other heart attack foods in Costa Rica this is definitely a market for this type of  food.   Tweet

beer main

What Makes a Beer Refreshing?

World News – As you finish up that work day in Costa Rica or whatever part of the world you are in, why is it that many people want to grab a beer to quench their thirst after a long day? We finally have the answer and you can tell all your after work drinking

ramen noodles burger 1

Cheap College Food? Ramen Noodle Burger (Video)

World Food News – When I was in college I loved Ramen Noodles and I loved hamburgers, why not combine the two? You would think this would only be a stoner or college craze but it is actually already getting big in New York. New Yorkers don’t seem to mind waiting in lines too much.

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