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Arts & Theater articles

TEOR éTica

Cutting-Edge Art in Costa Rica: TEOR/éTica

Cutting-Edge Art in Costa Rica: TEOR/éTica

Costa Rica Entertainment – It’s an unusually cool, blustery day in February in San Jose, Costa Rica and Gabriela Saenz-Shelby, gallery director of TEOR/eTica walks me through their current exhibit,A Chronicle of Interventions, which has just closed in their main exhibition space. Located in the gentrifying Barrio Amon district of the city, where many residences

costa rica theaters

Theater Becoming More Popular & Available in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Those who live in the Greater Metropolitan Area are well aware of the theater tradition. Lines often form outside theaters, under lighted billboards and next to crowded parking lots. Tweet

teatro nacional costa rica

Costa Rica’s Teatro Nacional to Take It’s Performances Outside

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The National Theatre seeks to reach more people this year than ever before, by bringing the theater outside and to new communities as well as by increasing visitation by 10%. Tweet

The House of the Spirits costa rica main

Popular “The House of the Spirits” Returns to Costa Rica This Weekend

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Last year the Trueba family came on stage at the Expressive Theater for the very first time. Tweet

La exposición Diquís

Archaeological Exhibition Opens in Costa Rica’s National Museum

Costa Rica Entertainment – The National Museum opened a new exhibition called “Diquís: patrimonio de la humanidad.” Tweet

Costa Rica's Philharmonic Orchestra

Costa Rica’s Philharmonic Orchestra Has Great 2015 Season Planned

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Are you a Philharmonic fan? Wait until you see the variety of genres they bring to us this year. Tweet

Albrecht Dürer artwork main

Costa Rica Exhibits the Art of Albrecht Dürer

Costa Rica Entertainment – Art lovers in Costa Rica have a new exhibit to enjoy at the Central Bank Museum. It opens on January 23. It will feature the work of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), a German artist. Tweet

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