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Indigenous Mythology in Costa Rica is Now a Video Game

Indigenous Mythology in Costa Rica is Now a Video Game

Costa Rica News – Children, youth and adults in Costa Rica have today a new video game ”El camino del Usekol” (The Road of the Usekol) produced in this country and aimed at enriching the knowledge on the indigenous mythology of this Central American nation. Tweet


Costa Rica’s Jade Museum

Costa Rica Entertainment (Michael Miller) – In May of 2014, Costa Rica’s Jade Museum moved from the insurance building in Downtown San José, to a new building five blocks away.  The day that the move took place, two things instantly happened: Tweet


Have You Tried the New Board Game “Costa Rica”?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Rica is the latest game from Matthew Dunstan and Brett Gilbert, designers of the Kennerspiel-nominated game Elysium. This time they’re aiming for the younger demographic with a rain forest-themed game of exploration that revolves around a push-your-luck mechanic. It’s light and simple to learn, but perhaps a little too simple and

Semana Universitaria 2016 costa rica main

For Music Lovers; A Week of Concerts in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Electronic music, tropical Latin sounds, hip hop, reggae, jazz and rock, will take place this week with several concerts at the main installations of Universidad Nacional in Heredia. Tweet

Henrietta Boggs and Jose 'Don Pepe' Figueres

A Woman From Alabama Became the First Lady of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The remarkable story of Alabama resident and former First Lady of Costa Rica, Henrietta Boggs Macguire, and her role in the 1948 Revolution will hit the big screen this weekend as part of the 2016 Sidewalk Film Festival. Tweet

Costa Rica's Festival of Contemporary Dance

Costa Rica’s Festival of Contemporary Dance

Costa Rica Entertainment – It´s the 15th year that the Festival of Contemporary Dance will take place for 8 days in August, from the 21st through the 28th. Tweet

costa rica culture arts

“Nobody Nothing Never” & “Inheritances” Presented in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – “Nobody Nothing Never” and “Inheritances” will be presented Thursday July 28th at 6pm at the gallery Despacio which is found at the east end of Central Avenue. The admission to these showings is free. Tweet

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