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Arts & Theater articles

Trío de No-Claret main

Trío de No-Claret: Interview Before Debut in Costa Rica

Trío de No-Claret: Interview Before Debut in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News - “We’re very excited about coming to this country, especially as it is so well-known for both its scenery and its cultural circuits. Now we want to be there and see for ourselves what so many people are talking about.” Tweet

amon solar costa rica main

Amón Solar; The Artists’ Gathering Place in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Amón Solar is a rare case of a house which is growing from within. It’s an old building in the Amón neighbourhood, but also serves as an ever-changing stage which, for over a year, has been surprising visitors with the spectacles it holds. Tweet

perra vida dulces suenos main

Can’t Miss Theater Performance in Costa Rica; Perra Vida, Dulces Sueños

Costa Rica Entertainment News - The play, “Perra vida, dulces sueños” has started and it’s one you can’t miss. Directed by Fabian Sales, this piece reflects on the work life and how much attention and priority we give to it. Tweet

The Lena Hovanesian Group main

The Lena Hovanesian Group Brings Jazz to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News - It’s not often that you get the chance to hear real jazz music such that you find all through the night in New York, so a visit from musical quintet, The Lena Hovanesian Group (accompanied by the experienced saxophonist Dave Pietro) is an opportunity not to be missed. Tweet

heredia art

Experience Art & Culture in Heredia This Week

Costa Rica Entertainment News - Heredia is showing it’s artistic side this week. Enjoy rich art & culture there this week.There’s currently a community art festival going in in which passers by might enjoy any number of creative presentations. Tweet

Prague National Ballet main

Prague National Ballet Returns to Costa Rica

Members of the Prague National Ballet were well received in 2013 and their stunning performances can be enjoyed again during two shows in August. The ballet group was created in 1883 and is famous for its talent filled performances around the world. Tweet

costa rica art exhibit

Art Exhibit Shows Urban Chaos in San Jose

Costa Rica Entertainment News - We can all agree that San Jose is a chaotic city. Cars cause traffic jams on the small streets. Large buildings give shade to ruined and hole filled sidewalks. Paint peels and filth takes over. Tweet

pelicula Teoría de Cuerdas main

Costa Rican Film Maker Finishing Sci-Fi Film

Costa Rica Entertainment News - There’s a film in post-production that has the support of many Ticos. Daniel Chaves is the one bringing this national film “Teoría de Cuerdas,” or “String Theory” to us. A Costa Rican Sci-Fi film that tells the intriguing story of a musician and a physicist and their struggle across parallel realities. Tweet

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