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Arts & Theater articles

Festival of Choreographers main

The Festival of Choreographers in Costa Rica

The Festival of Choreographers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Festival of Choreographers is going to take over the National Theater, as it does each year. Tweet

Eugene O’Neill Theater costa rica

The Cultural Center & The Eugene O’Neill Theater; Treasures of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – If you are a North American with a middle-class income, you probably do not go to the opera very often. It is even less likely that you would fly off to England to watch one of the London Theater’s top-notch theatrical works. And it is inconceivable that would visit Moscow to watch

jade museum costa rica

Free Costa Rica Pre-Columbian Museum Walk

Costa Rica Entertainment – The pre-Columbian world is something many people find interesting. Have you ever wondered what it was like back then? Tweet

Teatro Abya Yala main

Quizá Acústico; Costa Rica Theater in San Pedro This Weekend

Costa Rica Entertainment – The story of a woman has so many stages. A girl, the daughter of another, a woman coming into her own, then even becoming a mother and grandmother. Tweet

New York’s Metropolitan Opera House main

Eugene O’Neill Theater in Costa Rica to be Opera Central

Costa Rica Entertainment – Opera fans, pay attention! The Eugene O’Neill Theater is about to once again open for the best productions of the year. This theater is located in Barrio Dent, right near San Jose. Tweet

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