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Arts & Theater articles

art city tour costa rica san jose

Looking For Something to Do in San Jose Costa Rica?

Looking For Something to Do in San Jose Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Have you found yourself saying that there’s nothing to do in this city? Tweet

ocarinas precolombinas

Costa Rica National Museum Offering Free Workshops in January

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Schools are on break for “summer” in Costa Rica through January. Tweet

ice age costa rica main

Talk About Climate Change! The Ice Age is Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica used to be part of a geographic region known as Pleistocene. This was during an ice age 2.58 million years ago. Tweet

costa rica from paris with love

From Paris to Costa Rica With Love

Costa Rica Entertainment – Governments have, for a long time, been creating copies of artistic masterpieces and giving them to other countries. Tweet

the nutcracker costa rica teatro nacional

Costa Rica’s Teatro Nacional Begins It’s Christmas Celebration

Costa Rica News – Tamales, nice weather, and festivities in every direction- it must be Christmas time once again. Tweet

Eugene O’Neill Theater costa rica

The Cultural Center & The Eugene O’Neill Theater; Treasures of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – If you are a North American with a middle-class income, you probably do not go to the opera very often. It is even less likely that you would fly off to England to watch one of the London Theater’s top-notch theatrical works. And it is inconceivable that would visit Moscow to watch

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