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Casino and Sportsbook Tax Beginning to be Enforced in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although the new tax law is in place to force Costa Rican casinos and sportsbooks to pay income tax it has started off a bit difficult to implement like most laws in Costa Rica.  The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) found inconsistencies in the data sources used for the collection of taxes to be paid by casinos and businesses that do electronic betting, aka sportsbooks.

To comply with the tax registration, the Comptroller recommended that the Security Ministry promptly make a census of the casinos operating in the country, and requiring them to abide by these requirements for their operating license.

Meanwhile, Taxation shall provide a record of the taxpayers of these taxes based on information provided by the Ministry of Security, the Social Security Fund and the information available on the DGT, “in order to ensure the proper collection of these taxes “.

Sportbooks and Casinos are some of the only businesses in Costa Rica that pay their employees decent salaries and are a huge boost to the economy in Costa Rica.  All of the money they pay to their thousands of employees is put right back into the economy.

What the Costa Rican government of course does not see is these taxes may just destroy the Costa Rican economy all together.

These entities in Costa Rica put millions of dollars into the local economy each year especially during football season.  There are a huge number of Costa Rican employees that require this income to get by in an ever increasing cost of living Costa Rica.

If the red tape and the taxes are too high these businesses will pack up shop and move, taking with it the Costa Rican economy.

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