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Brainwave Optimization Costa Rica – Life Altering Testimonial

Costa Rica News – I had mentioned in a previous article that Brainwave had now set up shop in Costa Rica.  I am currently going through the process and have completed 6 of the 10 sessions.  I am absolutely amazed by the changes in my life and others see them too.  So many people go to therapy and pay $50 to $100 a session or more for years and never get over their ingrained problems.  This does it for you in about 2 weeks. They even have a money back guarantee if it is not working.  

I wanted to share a testimonial I was able to listen to and now relay to our readers.  I had her write this in first person to really try to connect with some of the people out there in Costa Rica that I know are fighting through a troubled past like me.  I thought that escaping south of the border would help me run away from my problems but the skeletons and demons in my past followed me here.  Below is Dana’s story.

My name is Dana.  A year ago my life was a disaster.  I was addicted to crack cocaine and using heroine regularly.  In order to support my $1500 a month addictions, I had turned to prostitution and begging, and sometimes stealing from my friends and family.

My addictions would probably have killed me but then Social Services took my daughter away from me.  I know now that it was the right thing for them to do but the shock of it, in my drugged perception, the injustice of it, was enough to wake me up.

I decided to get clean and get my daughter back but I never dreamed how hard it would be.  I worked with a social worker, saw psychologists and psychiatrists, went on methadone for the withdrawals and did everything demanded of me.

They wouldn’t let me have my daughter back, and I struggled with cravings and the escape that the drugs provided.  Sometimes my ‘friends’ would give me drugs and sometimes I turned to alcohol to try to make myself feel ‘better’ but I was losing the battle, and every time Social Service rejected me I got more and more depressed, and more and more likely to find one of those ‘friends’.

I don’t even remember where I heard about Brain Wave Optimization, and I sure didn’t think it would help, but my mother agreed to pay for it and I figured, I’d tried everything else so why not? God I am so glad I made that decision!

When I went to the office of Brain Wave Harmony I didn’t have a lot of hope left.  I met Dave and Carol and they explained how the process worked but I didn’t really follow.  Their testimonials from other people with addictions did provide the first slim ray of hope that I had felt in a long time though.

I won’t try to describe the details of the sessions.  All I will say is that they were wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.  The third day I was there I realized that for the first time in weeks I didn’t want to go for my Methadone.  After the third session, I slept through the night without medication for the first time in a couple of years.  After 5 sessions I was happy!  I was actually smiling and joking with Dave and I felt like a human being again.

It took a few more than the ten sessions to get me to a place where I really didn’t have any desire to ever use drugs again.  I also realized I had no desire to drink, or even smoke anymore, and I understood that at last I was free of the things that had been holding me back.

Now, 8 months after my last session, I have a new house.  I drive again, which is really important because I have to drive my daughter to school now that I have her back.  I’m not only working but I have my own business with 15 employees.

Brain Wave Optimization didn’t cure me of being an addict.  Dave and Carol made it perfectly clear that they do not treat, heal or cure anything.  They just use their wonderful technology to show the brain itself, and help it to find its way back into balance and harmony.  When that happened, the things that caused me to need drugs were resolved.  I didn’t have the cravings anymore because I didn’t have the imbalance that made me have those cravings.

Brain Wave Optimization is not only for addictions.  I have sent friends there who were suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger issues and even learning disabilities.  Every one of those people has come away with a new outlook on life and with their lives improved.

Brain Wave Harmony is offering a free assessment for potential clients.

Contact them in Santa Ana at [email protected] or 8567 7223.


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