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See the Past Through the Present, Not the Present Through the Past

See the Past Through the Present, Not the Present Through the Past

Here’s a chicken-egg problem for which we are both the chickens and the eggs. Does the severity of a crisis determine the adequacy of a response, or does the inadequacy of response determine the severity of a crisis? Tweet

No Design, Just Endless Creation

Because there is no design and Designer in the universe does not mean the universe is a machine. Because atoms exist does not mean the universe is composed of discrete particles. Tweet

Watching the Watcher Ends Division

At the little creek at the edge of town, the wind blew and the clouds flew, but there was hardly a flutter of thought. Some days, like this one, meditation seems superfluous; other days it takes longer for the mind to yield to the stillness of attention. Tweet

Not Political Revolution, Psychological Revolution!

I said in a recent column that if Bernie Sanders had spoken of the urgent necessity of psychological revolution rather than incessantly calling for a political revolution, he would be president today. That may have been overstated, but the distinction has suddenly become very real. Tweet

The Russian and the Swami

On the same day I wrote my last column about an experience I had in Russia 27 years ago, a young Russian couple, born around that time, came up as I took an early evening meditation overlooking the gorge and canyon beyond town. Tweet

Explaining America to the World, and Ourselves

The most difficult things in the world are to understand oneself, one’s intimates, and one’s country, in that order. This concerns my country, the United States of America, which is currently fraught with sound and fury, signifying nothing. Tweet

Worse Than the Blitz

The London Bridge mayhem, coming on the heels of the Manchester murders, sicken the heart and pain the soul. Is there an adequate response in the individual? Yes, though it means seeing beyond Western propaganda and changing our attitudes about terrorism at an emotional level. Tweet

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