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Author Archives: Martin LeFevre

This Is the Umbra of Man

This Is the Umbra of Man

It’s very hard to see where one’s people and culture fit into the scheme of things with humanity as a whole. Hell, I’m not even sure there is such a thing as ‘the scheme of humanity as a whole.’ Oh to be a nihilist, how easy that must be! Tweet

When Jadedness Poses As Wisdom

One of the darlings of NYT, PBS and NPR wrote recently: “The whole depressing spectacle of this moment — the Trump presidency and beyond — is caused by a breakdown of intellectual virtue.” A breakdown of intellectual virtue?! Only an effete elite could be so obtuse. Tweet

The Observer Prevents Observation

The observer is the original separation in the human mind. From this existential mistake all division originates, ending in the war between “my country and your country,” “my religion and your religion.” Tweet

After the Collapse, a New Concord?

The Cuban Missile Crisis is my first political memory. The fear was palpable. I recall looking in the newspaper at concentric circles of where they thought the missiles could reach. My hometown in Michigan was on the edge of the outermost one. It turned out the Russian ICBM’s on Cuba could have reached every major

Disorder From Order, Not Order From Disorder!

“The universe ends with a fizzle,” a would-be philosopher pronounces in America’s leading newspaper. “Entropy is antagonistic to intrinsic purpose. It’s about disorder.” Thus materialism ends in nihilism, solipsism and projection. Tweet

Conductor or Conduit?

To listen and watch Carlos Kleiber conduct Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, even on YouTube, is to know in one’s heart that there is intelligence beyond the mind of man. Opera singer Placido Domingo called Mr. Kleiber “a wizard” and said, “In my experience there’s nothing in musical life better than a rehearsal with him.” Tweet

A Working Understanding of Evil, Part Two

As a young man, I had a few janitor jobs, and have cleaned my share of toilets. Being a janitor is honest work that afforded me time to think and write. But thinking and writing about evil is an even more difficult and unpleasant task. Tweet

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