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Area 51; Seeking Aliens & Conspiracy Theories

Ghosts & the Paranormal – Everyone knows that there have been too many accurate account of UFO activity for these things not to exist. Whether these UFO’s are new military technology or spaceships from outer space it’s too hard to tell or even say. This is what I do know. 

area 51Created in the 1950’s Area 51 was built so that U.S. Cold Warriors with the highest security clearances created the newest cutting-edge aeronautical projects. The military base located in the Nevada desert on the Southern side of Groom Lake. It is a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) .Workers at the top secret Groom Lake (Area 51) and Tonopah Test Range board 737 jets from a terminal called “Janet Airways” at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. You would know these planes by the red stripe across the length of the plane.

If the employees are not taken by plane, then they are taken by an unmarked bus on a private route to there destination. There is only one access to the base and that access is heavily armed by vehicles and men in camouflage fatigues. There are also cameras monitoring the area and big bold signs posted that warn unauthorized personnel that trespassing is forbidden, photographs and video taping is forbidden and deadly force can be authorized if you trespass.

Where to View Area 51

There used to be two viewpoints on public land close to the border–

  • White Sides and Freedom Ridge. These areas were closed by the Air Force in April 1995.
  • The mountain of Tikaboo Peak is public and is 26 miles from the base. It is the only mountain where the base can be viewed.

Where it all Started & Why it’s so Popularly Known

In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed on a Las Vegas television show that he worked with alien spacecraft at Area 51 . During an interview with Channel 8 news, Bob Lazar says, “We’re consultants for a lot of companies. You get the strangest phone calls, even from the Navy Seals, who say, we need a device like this to go overboard and activate. They give specifications and ask can you build it? We fabricate a prototype, get it to them, do a short production run. By that time we get another call from another company to make some bizarre equipment and really have a blast.” At one time he had made a particle accelerator behind his house and SWAT was called out because some thought he was making a bomb. Bob Lazar also made claim that he worked at Area 51 in a section called S-4. At S-4 is where the government brought in retrieved crashed extraterrestrial UFOs for back area 51 1engineering purposes. Bob Lazar was one of those back engineers.”

The Investigation

Today after work, I met up with Senior Lead Investigator Christina George. Christina explains to me that she wishes she can go on this Area 51 excursion, but due to family events, she cannot make this road trip. She was concerned with our safety. Christina relates on how Bob Lazar exposed the world to the secrets of Area 51, by telling the public on how crashed retrieved UFOs were being back engineered. Christina feels it is necessary for us to collect soil samples. The reason being is if UFOs were being test flown over the base, there have been many case examples of UFOs depositing liquid metal (possibly Mercury) onto our terra firma. Christina is correct and my group of Ufologists does plan to take soil samples near and around Area 51 and test for Mercury deposits. Christina received reports that underground tunnels may lead from Area 51 to parts of Utah and Colorado. UFO theorists do believe that Area 51 may have moved to an underground location in either Utah or Colorado, due to the extreme publicity that Area 51 has received. I assured Christina that soil samples will be taken as we departed our ways.

We went to the back gate of Area 51. It was 8 miles down the road from the main street on Rachel. The road was gravel, but as you approach Area 51, it is a paved street. When we hit the paved road, Tammy & Judy saw a white disc peek from the side of the mountain and flashed one signal, before disappearing. When it disappeared a black jeep was moving lightning speed in the area of disappearance, leaving a dust cloud trailing behind the fast moving jeep. I witnessed the jeep, but did not see the white disc.

We approached the gate and there were warning signs that indicated no photographs were allowed. There are several video surveillance cameras at the gate. There is an array of satellite dishes on the landscape. Judy with binoculars in hand saw a man in camouflage clothing on the hill. We took soil samples. The soil is somewhat odd. The soil has discoloration and many parts of the ground from where the soil was collected, has strange wires. We collected some of these odd wires for analysis.

area-51-2The Ale’ Le’ Inn allowed us to camp out all night on their property. If you ever travel to Area 51, you will love the dips on the road. It’s like a roller coaster ride as your vehicle will go up and down these sloping hills that are part of the road. As we are camping out, the wind gusts were heavy for awhile, and then they subsided. We spotted unusual cloud patterns that are swirling disc shapes. The employees of Ale’ L’ Inn informed us that Unit 2 of their motel is haunted and welcomed us to investigate this Unit.

June 18, 2011 Saturday: The employees of the Ale’ le’ Inn took us to 3 haunted locations while we camped out at the Ale’ le’ Inn. Tammy Straling was base camp and kept observing the night skies. Jay Keller in his Kodiak Ultimatic Quad took us to Unit 2 of the Ale’ le’ Inn. As you walk into Unit 2, you feel strong electrical energy on your arms and the back of your neck. Some of the investigators felt nauseated. After 8 attempts we finally got one EVP that said ‘get out of here’. A woman with a broken heart died of natural causes in Unit 2. Jay allowed Chantal to drive his quad with Regina in tow. Later Jay took Tammy for a ride on his quad. After the rides on the quad, we headed down the road to a haunted abandoned home. As soon as I walked in I felt nauseated, we obtained some orb pictures, but the place was filled with dust and flying bats. The home looked like a home for hoarders. A couple died in this home of natural causes. No EVPs. Then finally we investigated an abandoned trailer where a man had died of alcohol poisoning, No EVPs were obtained here either.

After our 3 haunted location investigations, we went back to observe the night skies. Using binoculars, telescopes, night vision goggles we saw one black dark object hovering near a star by the Orion belt. Time: 0213 Hours. The black object finally faded out. Regina and Judy saw one blinking light move in a zig zag motion and blink out, it was seen on the opposite side of Area 51 near the mountain range. Time: 0329 Hours. Judy was not able to capture the moving blinking light on video camera or her regular camera.

All in all, this was a great investigation. There were strange anomalies seen in the skies during the day and night, that we can’t explain and many people that we talked to make claims of seeing strange objects in the night sky that they cannot explain. Are the strange objects observed extraterrestrial? Maybe yes, maybe not. But, what I do know is that the government is very protective of their secrets with the many video cameras and sound detectors located at their back entrance, tells me that there are many secrets at this undisclosed base.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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