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Are There Elves in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica – From time to time we get information about a topic that is just fun to report about. Perhaps you can go on your own journey to research this tale.

real elf photoSeen any elves lately? Look more closely, because they have been spotted by various people in places throughout Costa Rica, like at the Tenorio Volcano National Park and the Rio Celeste.

It’s a strange phenomenon but tourists and foreigners alike are seeing the same thing. Dwarfed figures that look like children with the faces of adults. They are often spotted in groups of three jumping, leaping and holding hands, not bothering anyone.

Jennifer Zuniga explained her experience as follows. “Mommy and I were waiting for the guide to indicate we could go down to the waterfall. I do not quite know how it happened, the thing is that in the tumult of the people who were there, there was a group of three children leaping, laughing and jumping, things that normal kids do when they are in groups and become happy. I found it strange that they were so small and there was no one to watch them…Honestly, I thought they were dwarfs, because the faces were not as children of those heights. The truth is that a shiver ran through my body.”

Elves are described as mystical creatures often drawn to the purity of children. Innocent children often report playing with them, though adults rarely see them. This time, however, adults are in agreement with the kids. Officials from “Geografiacr” report a similar story.

Homer Davila saw three of them run into the woods just 30 feet in front of him. The couple walking behind him saw the same thing. They all seem to be seeing creatures about a meter tall acting and looking like 5 year olds, with adult faces. The kids are unaccompanied by any adult.

They have been reported as wearing red, green, or beige with head coverings like berets. People in the Bijagua de Upala region have seen someone fitting that description often sitting alone on a rock. What’s going on? We’ll all have to open our eyes and minds to find out.

This story was reported on by Geografia de Costa Rica

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