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14 Police Officers go on Trial for Theft of Cocaine During Operations

Costa Rica News – The rule in Costa Rica is that it is not stealing if you do not get caught.  Also it is not stealing if the value of the item stolen is under $1000.  Well we all know that the police in Costa Rica take bribes and steal during operations, these guys just happened to get caught.  The best part about theft in Costa Rica is that if someone gets caught they are not sorry about the stealing they just feel bad about getting nabbed.

costa rica police corruptionFourteen police officers organized to steal cocaine during executed actions to apprehend drug suspects and will be tried by the Criminal Court of Goicoechea.

They were indicted on charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated drug trafficking, abuse of authority, misrepresentation, illegal search, embezzlement and conspiracy.

The debate will be held from September 3 until October 3 in Goicoechea. The policemen who worked in different branches of San Jose, were linked to a series of actions related to illicit drugs.

The defendants in the case with the last name Zuniga respond Ugalde, Céspedes Brenes, García Vega Rivera Valverde, Sanchez Reyes, Fonseca Chinchilla, Rojas Montero, Len Mora, Campos Ruiz, Castillo Mena, Sánchez Villegas, Víquez Rodriguez Chacon Hernandez Jimenez and Obando .

Most of the defendants were arrested in early February 2011, following a raid by the Drug Control Police (PCD) in coordination with the Special Prosecutor for Narcotics.

The investigations were initiated against men since June 2010, after some information that is received from a gang of police officers who allegedly engaged in drug theft arrested for drug trafficking.

Also, they were linked to alleged raids on homes illegally, and the theft of money and property of persons who were engaged in drug trafficking.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    The tip of the “‘ iceberg”. There more likely than not hundreds more. They never missed their pay check since this and the judges will give them a slap on the wrist. Again Oh well businesses as usual here.

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