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Costa Rica SEO Services Information PDF

The Costa Rican Times has a professional SEO team working behind it and is able to offer the services to other businesses looking to generate more website traffic and as a direct result generating more revenue.

In the most basic terms what SEO attempts to do for your business is when someone types in words to search for your area or (your business type, for example – restaurants) your information and website, will be on the first page of the worlds most used search engine Google.com

Our team took The Costa Rican Times to the first page of Google in less than a month and has since then got it ranked in the top 3 for the term “Costa Rica News”.

Search Engine Optimization is the banner under which a number of different services and activities fall.

• Link Building: The most important work of an SEO. Placing high value links to your website on other high ranking websites and directories in order for you to be moved up the ladder and towards the first page.

• On Site Optimization:Making sure that everything is correctly labeled, your tags are correct and that the website is not too confusing for search engines bots (such as Google Spiders) to find your website.

• Related Content: We can provide high quality articles and other content for your website that contains just the right keywords at just the right amount for SEO’ing. These can be placed on your website or on a blog to help boost your website up the rankings.

Higher positions are the key to higher traffic and stats and these of course are fundamental to customers. If you’re stuck with a website hidden miles down in the rankings it is never going to see any real customers. The first page is as far as anyone looks these days so being on that page is vital, the benefits can be substantial.

Free SEO Trial

We are so sure in our team will provide the best SEO services in Costa Rica we will offer you what others won’t a free trial. We want to gain your trust and show you what we can do so we are offering you to be able to pick 1 or 2 keywords and we will optimize it for free for 2 weeks to show you results.

Our Guarantee

You will be on the page 1 of Google.com for up to 3 key words in the first month of using us to SEO your website or your money back

Contact The Costa Rican Times for More Information, On Average the Cost per Keyword is Only $150 per Month