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Costa Rica Custom Retirement Tour

Private Tailor-Made Costa Rica Retirement Tours and Consultations

This time-tested private retirement/relocation tour is given by Christopher Howard, the country’s leading authority and author, and is designed for retirees, Boomers, individuals, couples or small groups who have special needs or who can’t take our fixed-date retirement tours. This custom retirement/relocation tour leaves NO stone unturned and is packed with insider information and useful contacts that ONLY Christopher can provide from his 32 years of living here.

This is the ONLY private retirement tour that was fully licensed and APPROVED by the Costa Rica Government and Tourism Institute (ICT) in 2004. None of the other private retirement tours have this distinction. Would you take a private tour in the States that was NOT licensed or accredited? Accreditation says a lot about the integrity of those who operate any tour. A license is issued by the government to select travel agencies in Costa Rica who meet stringent requirements designed to protect clients, ensure the quality of customer service, comply with certain economic guidelines to guarantee that the business is not a fly-by-night rogue operation in accordance with LAW 5339.

This one-of-a-kind custom tailor made tour was created to meet the specific needs of individuals, couples or small groups. It is also designed for those who cannot come for regular fixed-date tours or who have special issues they can’t share with large groups. This fact-filled tour was created over 13 years ago and almost 1000 people who have taken it have moved successfully to Costa Rica. In 2007 the tour was mentioned on “Good Morning America.”

Participants will have a private phone consultation with Christopher before the tour, be given a packet with valuable contacts, maps, special articles by Christopher Howard. Virtually everything is covered on this tour and the information is unbiased. You will come away with the knowledge you need to relocate successfully and seamlessly to Costa Rica. The country’s most prominent lawyers, realtors, movers, builders, educators, insurance people, health care specialists and more are on call to address your special concerns if you need their services. NOBODY has Christopher’s connections or provides more information for your money. Christopher’s services do not end with the tour.

Transportation, lunch and coffee breaks are included. Lodging in the Central Valley at a SPECIAL discounted price for our clients is $50 per night with a buffet breakfast is included. Christopher received NO commissions for lodging, so he can provide the best rates for his clients. A money-saving one or two-day add on tour is an option for those who want to revisit areas without having to spend the money on another trip

If Interested in this Tour and to Be Contacted by Christopher Howard Personally Today and Tour Participants Get His FREE Book ($100 Value) By Filling in the Form Below.